Cooking Mama: Cuisine, the review of the cooking simulation on Apple Arcade


Cooking Mama: Cuisine, the review of the cooking simulation on Apple Arcade
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Cooking Mama: Cuisine marks the return of the culinary series as an Apple Arcade exclusive and may have found its best place here.

The long history of Cooking Mama continues and somehow goes back to its origins on Apple Arcade, as we see in this one review of Cooking Mama: Cuisine, a chapter that recovers the original essence of the game as a simple cooking simulation made up of mini-games. After the disappointment with a lot of attached scandal of Cooking Mama: Cookstar, for this new chapter it seems that Office Create Corp. wanted to go back to the roots of the series, skimming the experience of any accessory element and simply concentrating on the proposal of tiny game experiences placed in sequence, offering a remarkable variety of interactions and above all a great breadth of recipes to complete, with a constant expansion of content.

Speaking of “simulation” is obviously inappropriate in this case, since the reinterpretation offered by the series is far from realism, but the procedures indicated to complete the recipes reflect the real ones, so it is not out of place to say that with this game you he can also learn to cook some dishes. There is no story, nor one progression structured in real levels: it is simply a matter of completing increasingly complex recipes, starting with the ingredients.

The approach is so free that the initiative is left in the hands of the players, who can simply select the ingredients, the tools to use and then try to cook the dishes that can emerge from the various combinations chosen. The rewards are represented by the unlocking of additional ingredients, work tools and therefore combinations and recipes, in addition to possible additional customizations to be applied to the protagonist and to the various kitchen tools. The fact that the game is distributed on Apple Arcade it also avoids the possible presence of microtransactions, which in such a structure could probably have easily found space.

Kawaii Masterchef

Cooking Mama: Cuisine, the preparation of a dish

This free approach helps to make the game particularly relaxing and enjoyable, as a simple pastime to be dedicated to at any time without pressure. On the other hand, the gameplay it is basic but can also present demanding challenges, in the most complex tests: the mini-games are all focused on a particular action to be performed in the right way, with the correct intensity, speed or rhythm and staying within the time limits set .

There are so many variations on the theme, which correspond to the numerous actions that can take place inside a kitchen: it involves cutting, kneading, baking, frying and much more, with further variations given by the addition of new culinary techniques and tools that are unlocked and added continuing in the game. The basic principle is a bit that of WarioWare, a title that started the wave of mini-games in collections which was also part of the 2006 Cooking Mama: you have a few seconds to understand what to do and perform the short actions in sequence, trying to stay within the imposed limits.

It is a concept that is perfectly linked to the use of the touch screenit is not for nothing that it flourished in the years of the Nintendo DS and found new momentum with the advent of mobile gaming, an area in which Cooking Mama can be perfectly at ease.

Cooking Mama: Cuisine, another recipe in progress
Cooking Mama: Cuisine, another recipe in progress

And in fact it is just like that: what emerges most from a session at Cooking Mama: Cuisine is precisely the comfort and the excellent response to commands, especially on larger screens such as iPad, in addition to the elimination of all possible problems related to free-to-play and microtransactions being distributed through Apple Arcade. For the rest, the style is typical of the series, all built on 2D drawings and simple three-dimensional models that make the gameplay perfectly “legible”, however with a particularly realistic rendering of some ingredients, thus creating a particular effect between the tone. classically Japanese of the original Cooking Mama and some technological advancement.


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Cooking Mama goes back to basics and lands on Apple Arcade in what is probably one of its best forms, focusing exclusively on the essentials. Cooking Mama: Cuisine limits itself to offering us a large amount of recipes to carry out, putting us in front of an infinity of mini-games and perhaps even learning something about the cooking procedures of some dishes, with potential further expansions that could arrive in future. Beyond marginal customizations, it presents practically nothing new compared to the more classic tradition of the series, but for the little ones and for those who do not disdain a fast pastime made of micro-games built on the touch screen it can represent a very valid download.


  • Back to cooking, without many frills
  • The mini-games are ideal for a very young audience or as a quick pastime
  • Controls perfectly built on the touch screen


  • Extremely simple and basic gameplay
  • Sometimes the instructions are not very clear
  • There is nothing really new compared to the previous ones

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