Cospito is in the Opera prison in Milan. The case at the CDM – Chronicle


Cospito is in the Opera prison in Milan.  The case at the CDM – Chronicle
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Alfredo Cospito is in the Milan Opera prison. Due to his physical conditions, due to the hunger strike he is carrying out, the anarchist transferred from the Sassari prison will be taken to the intensified assistance service, that is, to the former clinical centre.
Yesterday Cospito’s trusted doctor, Angelica Milia, had argued that the detainee was a “fibrillation risk”in view of his weight loss, and had requested his transfer.

The story is being followed closely by the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, for which “the protection of the health of every prisoner is an absolute priority”. Thus via Arenula in a note, in which it is explained that the Department of prison administration – on the express indication of the doctors of the ASL of Sassari – has ordered the transfer of Alfredo Cospito to the Milano Opera prison. The inmate, on hunger strike, arrived at the Lombard prison at 5.45pm today.

“To a raising of tension” by the anarchists “is necessary to follow a heightened attention. We are following these situations with great care, “in a way that is independent of the ongoing proceedings” on Alfredo Cospito, “without, as Prime Minister Meloni said, this could lead to threats to the State”. The Interior Minister said , Matteo Piantedosiadding that Alfredo Cospito “has shown discreet danger and has been definitively sentenced for very serious crimes for which the judicial bodies have proposed the 41 bis. I am not entering into discussions whether it is appropriate or not, but the actions of the anarchists, who do not underestimate, they will not influence our future choices”.

“We have to ask ourselves if 41 bis is needed for Cospito or if, for example, a censure with respect to any written or forms of communication cannot be enough, I think there are elements to analyze this further step”. Thus the National Guarantor of prisoners, Mauro Palma

“This violence and these protests are happening again and it is a situation that will have to be examined with the utmost attention. Phenomenon closely followed throughout the country”. Chief of Police, Lamberto Giannini, speaking of the clashes during the anarchists’ demonstration in Rome last Saturday. “We are carrying out investigations to ascertain all responsibilities – he said -. More than 40 people have already been identified and reported to the Judicial Authorities. The videos are being watched to ascertain individual responsibilities”.

Damage and fire aggravated by terrorist purposes, these are the crimes hypothesized by the Rome prosecutor’s office in the open files after the anarchist actions against the Italian consulate in Barcelona and against the car of an official of the Italian embassy in Berlin. The proceedings are under the attention of the anti-terrorism magistrates who have entrusted the investigations to the Digos agents and the Ros carabinieri.

I think the state “one should not be intimidated by those who think they are threatening his officials”, he has declared the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, talking about the Cospito case. And at 18.30 a meeting of the CDM will be heldin which it is foreseen a report from the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Interior and Justice on the case. “This afternoon I will inform the Council of Ministers of the initiatives taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure the security of our embassies abroad. We have asked for security to be strengthened”, said Minister Antonio Tajani. “The attacks worry us, but this does not mean that the Government is willing to deal with those who use violence, it is unacceptable”, added Tajani, reiterating that the security measures of the Farnesina itself.

wishes “that hard prison is confirmed” for Alfredo Cospito the Undersecretary of the Interior Emanuele Prisco. “Also to postpone a clear and decisive signal because conditions are not treated with violence” he said in Perugia speaking with ANSA. “Violence is never tolerated – underlined Prisco – and certainly this is not the government that lets itself be intimidated by those who commit it. It is not a question of whoever animates it. I am also anxious to express all my solidarity with the institutions and people object of violence by this presumed and increasingly clear anarchist network and above all by the forces of order”.

“It is evident that the long snakelike trail of blood and attacks testify to how that man is able to give external signals with assaults and violence against the institutions. The state cannot retreat”, says the undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove, today visiting the Biella prison. He rejects the hypothesis of clemency for the anarchist detained under the 41 bis regime in the prison of Sassari. “As far as the political aspect is concerned, it does not back down on 41 bis, on life imprisonment. They are special tools for dealing with the mafia and anarchist terrorism. The application pertains to the judiciary, but we will never deprive it of this tool”, added the undersecretary.

For the Vice-President of the Senate and Head of Justice of the Democratic Party, Anna Rossomandospeaking on Sky Start, “our solidarity goes to the forces of order and the judiciary, but in the case of Cospito it is not a question of retreating in the face of violence and intimidation, it’s about safeguarding his health and preventing him from dying in prison. For this reason, as the national guarantor of prisoners also says, he must be transferred to a more suitable structure, and it is necessary that the institutions in charge urgently evaluate whether the conditions for his detention pursuant to 41 bis remain”.

Cospito Defense, 12/2 the terms for applying to Nordio expire
On February 12, the thirty days that the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, has to respond to the request made by the defender of Alfredo Cospito to ask for the revocation of the hard prison regime imposed on him for four years expires. Cospito’s defense specifies it. Once the terms have elapsed, and in the absence of a response from via Arenula, the appeal is considered rejected. The National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Directorate will express an opinion on the request that has come to the attention of Minister Nordio.

“He will not accept food supplies and will certainly continue his hunger strike”, reiterates the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini, defender of Alfredo Cospito, after the transfer of the anarchist on hunger strike for over one hundred days, from the prison of Sassari to that of Opera. “The only novelty of this transfer is that in the Opera structure they have specialists able to intervene promptly in case of emergency”, adds Rossi Albertini.

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