Covid: 88,221 infected, 253 deaths, rate at 19.7% – Health & Wellness


Covid: 88,221 infected, 253 deaths, rate at 19.7% – Health & Wellness
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There are 88,221 new infections from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 23,699 infected. The victims are 253, up from 104 yesterday. The rate is at 19.7%, stable compared to yesterday when it was at 19.3%. A total of 446,718 swabs were performed, including antigenic and molecular. On the other hand, 434 patients are hospitalized in intensive care – 8 more than yesterday -, while the daily admissions are 61. The hospitalized in ordinary wards are instead 11,124, 43 more than yesterday.

Today’s figure of 253 victims for Covid is the highest in the last five months. A similar increase, in fact, dates back to February 23, when the deaths were 252. It went even worse the previous day, February 22, when the bulletin recorded 322 victims.

Coronavirus positive Italians are currently 1,395,433, or 18,949 fewer than yesterday. A total of 20,772,833 have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic, while the dead have risen to 171,232. The discharged and healed are 19,206,168 with an increase of 107,347.

“I believe that the goal is to live with the virus, and living together also means reviewing and reevaluate the rules in case of positives without symptoms. I certainly foresee that in the next few days there may be a reduction in isolation for those who are positive and have no symptoms. After that, the next step I think is to consider the hypothesis, in case of positives without symptoms, of delete the quarantine“.

The undersecretary for health said so Andrea Costaspeaking at Agorà on Rai 3, adding that “otherwise, with all these positives, the risk is to find ourselves unintentionally blocking the country again”.

“The vaccination campaign has been a great success in our country. Over 90% of people over 12 have completed primary school. We have nearly 40 million boosters made, numbers that place us among the best results in Europe and in the world. The Red Cross has made a great contribution “but” the campaign is not closed. In September and October we should continue, because thanks to vaccines we are experiencing a new phase that allows us not to take drastic measures that we were forced to take in the past. “The Ministry of Health said it, at the presentation of the 2021 Social Report of the Italian Red Cross , held today at the Ministry of Health.

With the advent of the BA.5 sub-variant, the chances of getting reinfected and having a severe infection that necessitates hospitalization or causes death are increased compared to the period in which the sub-variant BA.2 was dominant. The absolute risk of serious events, however, at least for the vaccinated, remains low. This is the data that emerges from a study conducted by several Portuguese institutions coordinated by the Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge in Lisbon and published on medRxiv, a platform that makes scientific studies available before review by the scientific community. The researchers considered nearly 28,000 infections recorded in Portugal between April 25 and June 10, a period in which the country experienced a new wave of the pandemic. The first finding that emerged from the study is that with BA.5 the chances of reinfection are on average 43% higher than with BA.2. However, this result is the average of a complex puzzle in which very different conditions are now joined by vaccination status, previous infections and times elapsed since vaccination or infection. For example, the risk of new infection with BA.5 is much higher among the unvaccinated or and in those who have already had an infection after having only two doses of the vaccine (+ 70%); in those who have completed the cycle with a booster, on the other hand, the difference in risk of getting sick again is almost zero. The study also found an increased risk of hospitalization with BA.5 compared with BA.2. In this case, the differences are particularly marked in who did the booster (the difference is three times). The risk of death is also higher with BA.5. In the latter case, however, the number of deaths is so low that researchers warn that the figure has no statistical value. “Our findings suggest that increased BA.5 immune evasion could explain the increase in cases,” the researchers write. “The notable difference between BA.5 and BA.2 in risk reduction associated with booster vaccination underscores the importance of high vaccination coverage to prevent serious outcomes associated with Covid-19,” they conclude.

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