Covid attacks the brain, new studies ‘confirm’ the subtle danger of this virus


Covid attacks the brain, new studies ‘confirm’ the subtle danger of this virus
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A new study has highlighted how Covid attacks the brain, causing even significant damage. The discovery.

It’s not over yet. We all wish we could forget about Covid, of the serious health problems that he still manages to perpetrate. Of the risks about which little is known yetbut which are potentially “behind the corner”.

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For the first time in the history of mankind, perhaps, a disease has managed to completely disrupt life in every country in the world. Not just because of the deaths. Everything revolved around the virus discovery and his diffusion has radically changed many things. There conception of health and well-beingprimarily. And then the “collateral damage”. To the economy, to sociality, to health itself.

After two years, the situation does not seem “resolved” completely, quite the contrary. The variants continue to be scary. Even if by now between vaccines and infections, perhaps we have created that famous “shield” which will protect us from more serious effects.

However studies on the mechanisms of action of this virus are continuing. And you discover things that are not exactly reassuring. Many theoriesin fact, they argue that Covid may damage different parts of the body, and not just the lungs. Scientists are delving into and one of the latest studies tells us about the brain damage that we could suffer in case of contagion.

Covid attacks the brain, new studies ‘confirm’ the danger of the virus

The recent study by the Campinas University in Brazil throws new concerns on the effects of Covid, in the short and long term. You can consult the complete research in the scientific journal PNAS. We report a extract of the aforementioned research, which shows that there is sufficient evidence to state that Covid also affects the brain.

COVID-19 is a disease caused by the coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection of severe acute respiratory syndrome. Although the characteristic symptoms of COVID-19 are respiratory in nature and related to lung infection, extrapulmonary effects have been reported in patients with COVID-19. Including symptoms involving the central nervous system (CNS). Notably, over 30% of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 experience neurological and even neuropsychiatric symptoms. Some have varying degrees of encephalitis. There are increasing reports of persistent and prolonged effects after acute COVID-19. […] Some of these persistent symptoms are neuropsychiatric sequelae. “

The study he analyzed multiple patients, and here’s what emerged. “more than half of hospitalized patients continued to show neurological symptoms up to 3 months after the acute phase. Impaired cognition was also confirmed in patients recovered after hospitalization. Neurological impairment is consistent with substantial damage to the nervous system. Previous studies in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) have reported the presence of the SARS coronavirus in brain tissue is in the cerebrospinal fluid of subjects presenting with neurological symptoms.

Of course, as with all research, further tests and experiments will be needed. But it is clear that this virus unfortunately still has other nasty surprises in store for us. Of course the hope is that everyone these studies are used to create then timely and effective treatments in addition to those already existing.

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