Covid, controversy over Marcello Gemmato (FdI): “There is no evidence that without the vaccine it would have been worse” | Then we turn around: “De-contextualized words”


Covid, controversy over Marcello Gemmato (FdI): “There is no evidence that without the vaccine it would have been worse” |  Then we turn around: “De-contextualized words”
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The release of Marcello Gemmato arrives a few minutes after the holder of his department, Orazio Schillaci, issued the next guidelines on Covid including the continuation of the vaccination campaign. And also the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, during the G20 summit in Balispoke about the pandemic and stressed how vaccines and medical personnel have allowed Italy to overcome that tragic period.

The words of Marcello Gemmato – Speaking on the Rai2 program “Restart”, when asked if the situation would have been worse without the vaccines, Gemmato replied to the host: “This is what she says, we do not have the burden of reverse proof, but I do not fall into the trap of taking sides with for or against vaccines “. “I register that for a large part of the pandemic – said the undersecretary – Italy was first for mortality, third for lethality, so I do not see these great results achieved”.

The subsequent clarification of Gemmato – “I am amazed by the exploitation that the opposition is mounting in these last hours regarding some of my statements. I have always supported the validity of vaccines and the ability they have to protect especially the most fragile: as Undersecretary of Health and FdI exponent I want to clear the field of biased and ideological interpretations. The parliamentary activity of these years clearly and coherently testifies to my position and that of FdI. We have gone from emergency to coexistence with the virus also thanks to vaccines, now it’s time to look forward. ” The undersecretary of health, Marcello Gemmato, specified.

Letta asks for Gemmato’s resignation – But the political controversy had already flared up. “An undersecretary of health who denies vaccines cannot remain in office.” The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, wrote in a tweet.

Calenda: Gemmato in the wrong place, must resign – “Gemmato has to resign. An undersecretary of health who does not distance himself from the novax is definitely in the wrong place.” Action leader Carlo Calenda writes it in a tweet.

Gelmini: serious and dangerous Gemmato words on vaccines – “Marcello Gemmato’s statements are serious, given the role he plays. The vaccination campaign and the extraordinary support of Italians are not issues on which those who play such an important role can say that ‘they do not take sides for or against vaccines’ . Also because vaccines are still needed for fourth doses for the elderly and the frail: the government’s revisionism on this issue is disrespectful, unacceptable and even dangerous “. This was written in a note by Mariastella Gelmini, national deputy secretary and spokesperson for Action, about the statements made by the undersecretary for health.

Order of doctors: 150 thousand deaths avoided with vaccines – The president of the National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo Anelli, also intervenes in the controversy. “Vaccines are fundamental – he says -. According to the calculations made by the ISS, the vaccination campaign has prevented 150 thousand deaths in Italy. The Lancet has instead proved that the deaths averted in the world in one year were twenty million”.

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