Covid, “no to free all”. Pro restrictions doctors are back – Claudio Romiti


Covid, “no to free all”.  Pro restrictions doctors are back – Claudio Romiti
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“By now we know that we have to live with Covid but to do this we need constant caution and respect for precautions. Instead the ‘free everyone’, with the abolition of many anti-coronavirus measures is creating problems, and if so far we were talking about winter or autumn waves, these days we have clear evidence that, despite the summer, the spread of the virus and of its variants there is and is elevated “.

These alarming words from Guido Quicipresident of the Cimo-Fesmed Federation medical union, were not expressed in the summer of 2020, when a country still in shock was emerging from the most critical phase of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, but in a very recent interview with Adnkronos Health. Not only that: according to this umpteenth prophet of doom with a white coat, “if the spread of the virus continues to increase in the coming weeks and the possibility of going to the hospital increases, we will have a further blow to the tightness of the system.”

A real catastrophe, therefore, the prodromes of which are already reported by another colleague from Quici, Andrea Filippinational secretary of the FP CGIL Doctors and Ssn Executives, also heard by the same Adnkronos Health. In this case, the tones are almost apocalyptic: “We are registering a new, quite overwhelming, access to the emergency room of people with Covid, even young people, who, although not serious, need assisted breathing, simple oxygen, but not manageable. at home with the poor network that, despite the pandemic, we have built, and this situation is falling back on hospitals. In our opinion – increases the Filippi dose – this summer wave has certainly been underestimated, because somehow it was thought that it would not arrive, instead it is coming and an autumn scenario is anticipated, in a situation in which vaccines still hold up a little, but arouses a lot of concern. It is a bit premature to say if the situation is alarming in terms of overloading of hospital services – he underlines – but the impression is this: the influx of patients in the emergency room is increasing exponentially “.

At this point, with the aim of understanding if there is some foundation in all this, we went to look at the numbers that more than others convey the idea of ​​the gravity of this infinite pandemic: those of intensive care. Well on 18 June, 193 patients were hospitalized in Italian hospitals in these departments, while on the same day last year there were even 416, that is well more than double.

Therefore, one would ask these luminaries, but what exactly are we talking about, since for many weeks the trend of hospitalizations with and for Covid-19 has been nailed to more than reassuring numbers? Probably, as has unfortunately already happened in these long years of infodemic, contagions or infections are still being referred to – according to a definition most used by terror virologists – to demand and justify a whole series of limitations on our freedom that today more yesterday, grappling with a virus clearly mutated in a benign sense, are inconceivable.

On the other hand, like some scholars who have not bowed to dominant health dogma have long argued based on solid scientific findings, including the Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier, Giulio Tarro And Mariano Bizzarrithe summer circulation of the coronavirus, like many other respiratory viruses, in addition to not causing any disaster, as the aforementioned numbers on intensive care seem to demonstrate, tends to fortify the so-called natural immunity in the healthiest component of the population, with a great benefit indirect also towards the most fragile subjects.

But evidently, having all focused on vaccines and restrictions, which as we see are still invoked without any objective confirmation, the idea that the population can relate to the latest of the coronaviruses as a simple flu, as the current findings would encourage them to do, it just seems not to please many, too many characters who have invested a lot on viral terror.

Claudio Romiti, June 19, 2022

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