Covid-schizophrenia: panic over Omicron 5, but then they say it’s not serious – Claudio Romiti


Covid-schizophrenia: panic over Omicron 5, but then they say it’s not serious – Claudio Romiti
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Once the disclosure was one of the flagships of Rai public service. The task of making technical and scientific notions accessible to a vast public has made famous some popularizers of the recent past, some still alive, such as Piero Angela, Folco Quilici, Ambrogio Fogar, Mino D’Amato and many others. But with the arrival of the latest coronavirusresponsible for Covid-19, things seem to have changed drastically, in which we are witnessing a total reversal of causal links, with the sole purpose of demonstrating that, despite vaccines and the increasingly benign mutations of the virus, everything can be said and the opposite of everything without shame.

Tg3 at 12, broadcast on June 24th, offered an evident, as unpleasant demonstration of this. In a short but rather distressing report on the alleged rise of the infections (presumed because the method of random swabs, the pastor alive, do not exactly represent a scientifically acceptable reference for understanding the evolution of the pandemic), the journalist on duty managed to sayin a short but effective war bulletin, che in a week the infections increased by 62%, with the Rt index – the mysterious device that serves to justify any restriction – for the first time since April it has risen above the “guard threshold”, reaching 1.07. Not only that, in order to add a pinch of terror, which never hurts in this climate of perennial viral fear, the same editor was keen to explain to the tuned viewers that this cataclysm of contagions would have already reverberated on hospital data, with – hear hear! – Covid patients who occupy 7.9% of places in the medical area and “even” 2.2% of those in intensive care. A real catastrophe, therefore, which in reality in the same report, expressing an evident contradiction in terms, is substantially denied, reporting in summary “that the experts consulted would have confirmed the greater contagiousness of the latest omicron variant, but within the framework of a the severity of the disease is much lower, as the more than reassuring numbers of the last few months would prove incontrovertibly. Nevertheless, continuing in the infinite mantra of terror, towards the end the diligent journalist wanted to remind those who were listening to continue to use the bezels in case of gatherings, exhorting the elderly and the most vulnerable to have the fourth dose of vaccine injectedin order to avoid the serious consequences of the disease.

Fourth dose which, as has been happening for some time in Italy, consists largely of mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna in particular. Vaccines that according to many studies are now completely ineffective against the latest variants. The professor Mariano Bizzarriin his latest book, provides a very clear explanation, accompanying it with other authoritative scientific citations: “Since mRNA vaccines are designed to reproduce the protein Spike, any variant that modifies the structure expressed by the virus ends up nullifying the antibody response generated by the organism, which is specifically targeted against the original protein. An impressive body of studies proves the poor efficacy of vaccines designed to target the protein Spike expressed by the original strain, isolated during the first months of 2020. “

So we are at the usual, we are served the now usual theater of the absurd, in which there is a tendency to pass off the contagion as the disease, although the numbers of hospitalizations of positive swabs are overall rather scarce and increasingly confused. So much so that on June 23, in an interview with Rai News 24, the epidemiologist Carlo La Vecchiaprofessor at the State University of Milan, defined the nature of the same Covid-19 hospitalizations even better: “At the moment the situation in hospitals remains of moderate stress – reassures the scholar – even if ordinary and intensive care hospitalizations register a slight increase also because they are influenced by patients who have other pathologies and for whom the infection is only concomitant “.

At this point, anyone showing a normal ability to use the most elementary logical connections, on the basis of the information that the terror press itself often makes available, should come to the conclusion that the aforementioned scientific disclosure has been completely replaced by a pseudo-scientific jumble of a dogmatic nature. Jumble in which it is admitted that there are no serious studies on the effectiveness of the massive use of masks, but these must still be worn in any case, that mRNA vaccines are no longer effective in regards to variants, but these must still be performed regardless from the growing number of adverse cases, and that the infections increase too much, but these have not for some time translated into any difficulty for Italian hospitals.

However, if we get rid of the ineffective masks, the useless vaccines and the non-existent hospitalization alarm, what is left? But it is obvious, only and exclusively a magnificent, as well as irrational viral fear, for the use and consumption of those who have made it a lucrative profession.

Claudio Romiti, June 25, 2022

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