Covid, what is the next Taliban crusade of the virus – Claudio Romiti


Covid, what is the next Taliban crusade of the virus – Claudio Romiti
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On the topic of socially toxic quarantines for coronavirus positives, yet another trade association of priests of the new health religion makes its entrance. Declaring himself decidedly hostile not to the total abolition of such an obligation, as he continues to maintain the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti by publishing a related video, but to the modest attenuation of the insane measure proposed by the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillacithese the words of Silvestro Scottigeneral secretary of the Italian Federation of general practitioners, as reported by Sole 24 Ore: “Right now the problem is the number of infections that are not detected, a part of the positivity is not tracked, the patients do the swabs themselves and they are not calculated. In the absence of scientific data reducing the quarantine seems risky to me, especially in a period like this when we argue that the mask must also be kept for other reasons. My recommendation to all citizens who have symptoms of respiratory disease is to take it, because it is the only way to reduce the infection. We can think of reducing the period of isolation – his goodness – but the measure must be associated with scientific data and in any case the asymptomatic positive must wear a mask up to negativity. “

So, reciting a classic mantra by which the new ruling class of white coats has been heavily constraining our existence for nearly three years, this umpteenth phenomenon of viral terror has reiterated three of the sinister magic words of the new creed: scientific data, masks and infectionsthe effects of which are considered like a demonic curse.

Yet, for those who still have a minimum of logical sense, it is sufficient to analyze the brief reasoning of Dr. Scotti to realize that the latter is not standing even with crutches. In fact, if the doctor admits that the detected infections are only a part of the real ones, which was understood since the beginning of the pandemic, and that Sars-Cov-2 circulates freely in societyregardless of the containment measures adopted so far, what logic would the maintenance of a punitive isolation answer to the detriment of those who have the misfortune to run into the cleaver of the magic pad?

Personally I have long believed that the various spokespersons of health organizations, as well as the so-called star virologists who still go crazy in the Italian media, tend to exert constant pressure on political power, so that a whole series of restrictions are kept in force for as long as possible, such as that of keeping the aforementioned positive swabs under house arrest, with the sole purpose of increasing their social weight. A social weight that during the darkest phases of the restrictive measures reached an unprecedented level in the history of the country.

On the other hand, as the great James Buchanan argued in the Theory of Public Choice, with which he won the Nobel Prize for Economics, every bureaucratic organization always tries to extend its influence in society by imposing, almost by its own motion, an increasing number of various rules and obligations. In the same way, the composite Italian health bureaucracy, catapulted to the top of the system by the deadly fear of a virus with low relative lethality, is now committed every day to raise your finger against the government of the momentwarning the political power not to let their guard down.

This is a rather mortifying democratic condition and that only a determined executive would be able to remedy it, eliminating as a whole the improbable scaffolding of absurd anti-Covid rules, as many other European countries have done for a long time.

Will the Meloni government succeed in this, avoiding being ensnared by the sirens of the infinite health emergency, as happened to its predecessors? We aperturists, who have also voted for the majority parties for this, we still hope, although the signals that have reached us so far are not very encouraging. We’ll see.

Claudio Romiti, November 8, 2022

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