Crazy Inter: from 0-3 to 3-3 in the last 13 ‘. Cagliari out, it’s the final with Roma


Crazy Inter: from 0-3 to 3-3 in the last 13 ‘.  Cagliari out, it’s the final with Roma
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The Sardinians seemed in total control at the break. At 77 ‘Abiuso rekindles the Inter hopes and at 90’ he signs the 2-3. In the recovery the draw of Sangalli. The score does not change in extra time, Inter in the final for the best result of the season

A quarter of an hour from the end of regular time, Cagliari were with a foot and a half in the final. In Sassuolo, on the other hand, the crazy Inter is celebrating, which with a sensational comeback is satisfied with a draw (3-3) by virtue of the best placement in the regular season and on Tuesday evening at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia – where a week ago he was assigned the tricolor of the greats – will compete for the Scudetto against Roma. A crazy game, which the Sardinians had interpreted in the best way: but in the end Cristian Chivu’s team took advantage of the greater experience. Celebration for the Nerazzurri, other tears for Cagliari, after those six days ago for the relegation of the first team to Serie B.

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Agostini’s move (suspended, Concas on the bench) to field Delpupo in the center and to widen Luvumbo had been a winner: Inter had lost references, put in enormous difficulty by the rossoblù forwards. At 12 ‘, the Nerazzurri goalkeeper Rovida went out in desperation on Delpupo: on the free kick beaten by Desogus, then Rovida let himself be mocked on his post exactly as it had happened yesterday with Tripi’s free-kick against Juventus. The Cagliari players dedicated the goal to Zallu, injured in Wednesday’s match against Sampdoria. Inter tried to react, without however creating sensational chances: in the first half final, however, the deadly one-two that seemed to have directed the match. The doubling was built by the Angolan Luvumbo, who earned a penalty for a foul by Franco Carboni and then transformed him. On the last ball before the break, however, an assist from Cavuoti and a perfect right flat from Desogus.


Chivu left Peschetola and Zuberek in the locker room to enter Jurgens and Iliev, then at 58 ‘another double change: outside Fabbian and Valentin Carboni, inside Owusu and Abiuso, and a hyper-offensive attitude. In the middle, a failed match point by Luvumbo launched in the open field towards Rovida’s goal. The Romanian coach’s revolution had not given the desired effects, so much so that Agostini had also started thinking about the final by removing Kourfalidis, Delpupo and Luvumbo in three different moments. Fate, however, turned its back on Cagliari, because in the 77th minute Abiuso reopened the game by reiterating a short rejected by D’Aniello on the right from outside Sangalli. At 90 ‘again Abiuso with the head has further reduced the distances. Then, in full recovery, Sangalli’s dirty header on Hoti’s tower sent the teams into extra time. After a cross from Iliev on a free-kick, Cagliari without its best men (all released in regulation time) tried to gather their last energies by touching the incredible 4-3 with Palomba, but Inter, after being one step away from the abyss, he resisted. And the draw, which Cagliari had served in the first round against Sampdoria, this time ended the rossoblù season.


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