Crazy trick to clear arteries, here’s what to eat


Crazy trick to clear arteries, here’s what to eat
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To cleanse the arteries it is enough to consume specific foods that act as real scavengers of harmful elements. Having a list of foods to eat every day is a help for our health. Especially since the arteries are the vehicles through which blood passes. Which travels to head to the main organs.

Cholesterol can create blockages and enter the artery walls. In this way the circulation is slowed down and the blood pumped by the heart struggles to reach the vital organs within the established times. Following this problem, a whole series of reactions are triggered that can cause very serious diseases or disturbances to the circulatory system.

The main problems of a malfunction in the circulatory system are stroke and heart attack. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to prevent these disorders except by following a healthy and complete diet and early diagnosis. So, we throw away the comfortable food or so-called junk food and enjoy the healthy products donated by Mother Nature.

Foods to cleanse the arteries

There is a product that characterizes most of the dishes of traditional Italian cuisine: extra virgin olive oil. This type of oil typical of the Mediterranean area is rich in essential fatty acids, which stimulate the cleaning of the arteries. In fact, it is triglycerides that hurt and cause cholesterol, but the consumption of cold-pressed and raw olive oil intervenes to expel this type of fat.

In second place is the so-called “fatty” fish which includes salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring, trout and tuna. The properties contained in this type of fish not only increase the well-being of the cardiovascular system but also work as anti-inflammatories, useful in case of problems with dilated veins.

Pomegranate juice performs its function as a scavenger thanks to the massive presence of antioxidants. Recent studies have also revealed that pomegranate is able to reduce the devastating effects of arteriosclerosis in the body and strengthens the immune system. You can eat pomegranate in the form of juice or simply eat the berries raw.

Tomatoes are a type of vegetable typical of our area. It is consumed both cooked and raw and in both cases it maintains its essential properties unaltered. To cleanse the arteries just consume tomatoes but be careful not to overdo it because being acidic they can cause esophageal reflux.

Oats, sesame seeds and nuts for breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal that recharges the body with energy from the moment you wake up, but unfortunately it is often done superficially. Combining oats, sesame seeds and dried fruit with some fresh fruit helps to cleanse the arteries and fight the onset of cholesterol. In addition, they provide fiber, omega 3 and fatty acids that promote concentration and well-being of the mind.

Physical activity must also be included in a controlled diet, which allows the body to be kept in general health and ready to fight any internal deficits. So, let’s eat carefully and do a lot of sport: well-being will be guaranteed.

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