Cremonese-Napoli 1-4: show at Zini, Spalletti alone at the top of the standings


Cremonese-Napoli 1-4: show at Zini, Spalletti alone at the top of the standings
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Cremonese-Napoli: the live match

90 ‘+ 6 – Cremonese-Napoli ends: the success at Zini for 4-1 gives Spalletti the solitary primacy in the standings.

90 ‘+ 5 – FOURTH GOAL OF NAPLES: Olivera is also celebrating, anticipating Radu on Di Lorenzo’s nice cross.

90 ‘+ 4 – Radu avoids Napoli’s poker: miraculous intervention by the former Inter on Lozano, caught in the center by Simeone.

90 ‘+ 3 – THIRD GOAL OF NAPLES: deadly counterattack, Kvaratskhelia feints the shot and gives Lozano the tap-in with an empty goal.

88 & # 39; – Great opportunity not exploited by Cremonese: Okereke expands too much and fails to hit the net, then unloads backwards and Ciofani stands out in the area, with the ball going out on the bottom.

82 ‘- Rrahmani goes out after a save on Okereke, replaced by Ostigard (also in Olivera for Mario Rui). Ciofani takes over Ascacibar in the Cremona area.

77 ‘- NAPLES AGAIN IN ADVANTAGE: after Kvaratskhelia’s right-footed shot by the grigiorossa defense, Simeone beats Radu with his head – revisable in the exit – on Mario Rui’s brushstroke on the far post.

73 ‘- Spalletti throws Lozano and Zielinski into the fray for Raspadori and Politano, Alvini plays the Buonaiuto and Aiwu cards for Valeri and Dessers. Opportunity for Meité: high ball.

68 & # 39; – Sernicola stops with the bad Kvaratskhelia at the edge of the left corner of the Cremonese penalty area: yellow card. Mario Rui puts in the middle, Anguissa protests for a detention.

59 & # 39; – Cremonese again on the restart, Sernicola goes to the bottom and Quagliata kicks first intention: ball in the curve. Alvini recalls Escalante, soon on the pitch instead of Felix.

56 ‘- Immediate response from Napoli, Raspadori devours himself 2-1. Spalletti meanwhile calls for a change: Simeone will take Ndombele’s place.

54 ‘- Pushes the Cremonese: Dessers kicks out after a great idea from Okereke, who then tries a minute later with a stone from the edge that breaks on the outside of the net.

48 & # 39; – CREMONESE DRAW: Ascacibar filter, Dessers mock Meret with a touch underneath.

46 ‘- We start again for the second fraction: in Cremonese Okereke takes the place of Zanimacchia. Napoli immediately dangerous: Raspadori’s right-left, Radu avoids the 2-0.

45 ‘+ 2 – After two minutes of recovery, the first half ends at Zini: Napoli leads the Cremonese 1-0.

45 ‘+ 1 – Kvaratskhelia fishes Anguissa in the area who, ignoring Raspadori all alone in the middle, tries a very high left-handed.

35 ‘- Dessers goes away to Rrahmani, then tries one too many dribbles and Kim saves Napoli with a splendid closure.

29 ‘- Anguissa’s very risky backpass for Meret who, pressed by Dessers, takes refuge in a lateral foul.

26 ‘- GOAL OF NAPLES: Politano scores on a penalty kick procured by Kvaratskhelia.

17 ‘- Zanimacchia hard on Lobotka: the gray-red midfielder on loan from Juve is the first yellow card of the match.

10 ‘- After a chance not exploited by Anguissa, Cremonese is very dangerous: Zanimacchia’s crossbar, Dessers – on the rebound and offside – does not frame the goal.

2 ‘- Personal initiative of Rrahmani, stoned by the right apex of the Lombard area, the ball crashes against the top of the crossbar.

1 ‘- Parties: Cremonese-Napoli has started.

Everything is ready at the Giovanni Zini stadium: Alvini’s Cremonese hosts Luciano Spalletti’s Napoli, in search of the solitary primacy in the standings.

The official line-ups of Cremonese-Napoli

CREMONESE (4-2-3-1): Radu; Sernicola, Bianchetti, Lochoschvili, Valeri; Quagliata, Ascacibar; Meitè, Zanimacchia, Afena Gyan; Dessers. Trainer: Alvini.

NAPLES (4-3-3): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Kim, Mario Rui; Anguissa, Lobotka, Ndombele; Politano, Raspadori, Kvaratskhelia. Trainer: Spalletti.

REFEREE: Abyss of Palermo.

ASSISTANTS: De Meo-Mondin.

IV MAN: Sacks.

VAR: Beautiful.

AVAR: Paganessi.

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