Cupra, sales record in 2022: Formentor is the driving force


Cupra, sales record in 2022: Formentor is the driving force
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Cupra increases sales by 93% and leads the turnaround of the Seat group: with over 150,000 units delivered in 2022, the premium brand from the House of Martorell is the fastest growing automotive brand in Europe. Cupra’s success is not accidental: giving priority to the premium brand was a strategic decision, explains the House, taken to remedy the lack of essential components, starting with semiconductors.

Sales record for the premium Seat brand

In a year marked by the continuing shortage of semiconductors and other components essential to the automotive industry, Cupra sales grow by 92.7%: with 152,900 vehicles delivered, Seat’s premium brand is the protagonist of a financial turnaround that will mark the next steps of the brand acquired by Volkswagen in 1986.

While Seat closes 2022 with just over 385 thousand vehicles delivered, marking a 18.1% drop compared to the numbers of 2021, the unstoppable impulse of Cupra drives Seat’s sales in the Old Continent. Germany remains the company’s main market, followed by Spain and the United Kingdom. Italy, with 25,300 units sold, surpasses France and becomes the fourth most important market for the historic brand founded by the Spanish Instituto Nacional de Industria back in 1950.

The Seat sales grow in Germany (+ 1.2%) and in Portugal (+ 7.6%), while they show a marked decrease in France (- 31.1%) and the United Kingdom (- 27.9%). “2022 was an unpredictable year but we certainly made the best of it,” he said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Seat and Cupra. “Cupra has exceeded all expectations yet again, solidifying its position as the fastest growing automotive brand in Europe.”

“Faced with continued shortages of semiconductors and components,” Griffiths explains, “we made the strategic decision to give priority to Cupra models with higher margins than Seat models”. A choice that inevitably influenced the number of vehicles delivered, but which – recalls the CEO – “was essential to provide long-term stability for the entire company”.

Cupra: the numbers of a global success

Despite the materials crisis, Cupra reached new heights in 2022: driven by the success of the bestseller Cupra Formentor, recently revisited in a Tribe Edition key, the brand launched in 2018 Cupra has conquered the milestone of 300,000 vehicles sold.

The best-selling sports SUV, which is also the brand’s first native car, sold 97,600 units in 2022, equal to the 63.8% of brand sales and over a quarter of Seat’s total sales. Great success also for Cupra Born, the first electric model of the premium brand Seat, which in the first full year on the market reaches 31,400 units delivered. “Our impressive delivery figures”, underlines the CEO, “demonstrate that demand for the brand and its electrified vehicles shows no signs of slowing down”.

And the growth of the brand can be clearly seen from the numbers of the European market: +157.6% in Austria, +89.9% in Germany, +87.4% in the UK, +86.5% in France, +83.9% in Italy. The brand has also experienced significant growth on the global market, with peaks of +879.6% in Turkey (with 2,800 vehicles sold) and +138.8% in Israel.

The electric future of Cupra: in 2024 the first SUV

In 2022, Cupra’s ambitious global expansion gained new momentum with the entry into the Australian market and new City Garages in Lisbon, Rotterdam and Sydney. And in 2023, the brand is set to expand this global network with new openings in Berlin, Madrid and Paris.

Meanwhile, Seat has reached the important milestone of 2022 millionth SUV sold: Arona is confirmed as the brand’s best-selling model, despite a decrease of more than 30%, followed by Seat Ibiza (-46.4%) and Seat Leon (-47.3%). In general, sales of the Spanish brand are down, with a decrease of 30.4% in Spain and 35.2% on the Italian market.

“Demand for both Seat and Cupra models remains very high, with record backlogs for both,” he said. Kai Vogler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Seat. The strength of the brand, continues Vogler, “lies in the desirability of our two brands and inwide offer to customers, from the most efficient traditional combustion engines to 100% electric vehicles”.

2023 will be a fundamental year for the company: Cupra will present the highly anticipated Tavascan, the brand’s first all-electric sports SUVwhich will become part of the range in 2024. As for the supply situation in 2023, “the only sure thing is that nothing is certain, but by giving priority to the growth of Cupra and the electrification of Seat we are ready to face the challenges of the future and turn them into an opportunity,” concludes Wayne Griffiths.


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