Dacia Duster, the perfect car for unforgettable experiences


Dacia Duster, the perfect car for unforgettable experiences
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We all know the Dacia Duster, it is one of the most famous and most successful cars on the market and that in its 12 years of life it has managed to achieve more than two million registrations in the world. A simple and essential model, but never banal. It is the car that democratized the SUV category, offering high performance at an affordable cost to all.

The Dacia brand is famous for its low cost prices, in all its models. Since its market launch in 2010, the Duster has represented freedom and evasion, while still guaranteeing versatility, space and comfort. And these are precisely the characteristics that have allowed the car to have a success story. Even today, after 12 years from the first launch on the market, it boasts record results in the first half of 2022is once again confirmed as the best-selling SUV to individuals in Europe since 2018 and in Italy it ranks second among the best-selling foreign cars to individuals with 13,572 registrations.

The ally for offroad

In recent years, the evolution of the car has been several, including the implementation of the new brand identity, but despite this, the Duster SUV continues to be a reference point for those looking for a versatile and robust model, but always within reach. of all.

Also available in 4 × 4 version, even more off-road, allows the driver and occupants to reach even the most remote places, those that the most adventurous dream of. With Dacia Duster you go from hiking on sandy dunes to camping in the woods; every experience, even the most extreme, becomes easy thanks to the numerous advantages offered by the SUV. Let’s take a few examples: the 4 × 4 Monitor offers various information on the central display, such as the lateral inclination of the vehicle in uneven road conditions or the pitch angle to evaluate the steepness of descents and climbs.

You can then rely on the system Multiview Camera in maneuvers and in the most difficult situations: there are four cameras in all, and they allow the driver to better view the surrounding environment. Last but not least, the hill start assist device, which helps the driver, allowing the car not to back up for two seconds when starting off after a stop on a slope.

Dacia Duster: not just holidays

Dacia Duster is not only the ideal car to go on vacation, but also the perfect vehicle for unforgettable experiences, a sure ally you can count on. The external volumes are generous, and translate into a large internal habitability. With Dacia Duster there is no limit to adventure, and everything is possible thanks to the capacity of the boot: the loading length of up to 1.7 meters and the ease of decomposition of the rear bench guarantee the possibility of transporting all the camping equipment, but also sports equipment. Passengers on board can enjoy maximum comfort thanks to ergonomic head restraints, new upholstery, numerous storage compartments and a large sliding armrest in the center console.

Fun is guaranteed, also in the technological field: from the 8 “touch screen with the Media Display you can listen to music at full volume from the 6 speakers available and also define the route with the Media Nav, with navigation and cable connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto .

The shapes of the SUV also communicate at first glance the strong outdoor character of Duster, which today boasts an even more decisive look. The new generation can already be ordered in all dealerships of the brand, the car will arrive on the road at the end of the year.


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