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Dacia Duster –
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An SUV that has broken through the hearts of Italians, Dacia Duster over 250,000 units were sold and its success continues. A SUV icon of style and concretenessDacia Duster is renewed in aesthetics and contents, now showing a more attractive design and superior equipment.

A vehicle suitable for all types of use, thanks to a series of evolutions, today the new Duster is perfect for tackling even routes in off-roadit is no coincidence that it is among the non-specialist models most used in off-roading.

Today the story continues and this time it seems to have even more interesting implications, because if its design evolves through a series of modern touches, even the engines and interiors follow this trail.

Dacia Duster: a robust and versatile SUV

True to its DNA, the new Sport Utility Vehicle it is equipped with brand new front and rear light clusters which are characterized by the Y-shape light signature; the grille also changes, as well as the light alloy wheels, 16 and 17 inches, designed in the wind tunnel, at the rear, there is a small spoiler above the rear window, refinements which have contributed to making it more efficient (up to 5, 8 grams of CO2 in the four-wheel drive version) and aerodynamics.

There are also many interventions in the passenger compartment that have made the new Duster more comfortable and in step with the times, an essential equipment in line with the “value for money“That made the Dacia brand famous in Europe, no superfluous equipment, concreteness and functionality were the principles on which this new generation was born, for example to allow passengers to recharge smartphones and external devices, two additional USB sockets were added , with one that also allows you to share connectivity with other passengers (playlists, music tracks).

The New Duster allows you to tackle every condition and driving situation, in complete tranquility, even in off-road use, its performance is above average thanks to:

● a ground clearance of 217 millimeters (214 on the four-wheel drive);

● a back angle of 22 degrees;

● angle of attack of 29 degrees;

● 29 degree exit angle;

The entire range features low rolling resistance tires, while on the 4×4 they offer excellent grip even in the presence of snow and mud.

Unstoppable, comfortable and also ideal for families, the new Duster has a rear seat with a reclining backrest (60:40) and a load capacity of 478 liters on the 4×2 and 467 liters on the 4×4.

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Dacia Duster: 4×4 monitor

On the all-wheel drive version, the 4×4 monitor system is available with the Media Display and Media Nav system, which provides various useful information in off-road driving, including:

  • lateral inclinometer: particularly useful indication in case of road difference;
  • pitch angle: allows you to evaluate the presence of steep descents and climbs with steep slopes and to set the electronic controls (assistance for starting uphill and adaptive control of descent);
  • compass;
  • altimeter.

At the end of each off-road and mountain session, the 4×4 monitor system also displays the historical data on the route taken.

Dacia Duster: turbo petrol and bifuel ECO-G engines

Four engines are available for the Italian market, all compliant with the Euro 6D full standard:

  • TCe 90 (petrol) 2-wheel drive with 6-speed manual gearbox;
  • TCe FAP150 2-wheel drive with EDC double-clutch automatic transmission;
  • dCi 115 (diesel) 2 or 4 wheel drive with six-speed manual gearbox.

Also interesting is the availability ofbifuel power supplyit is the ECO-G version from 100 horses, which allows you to travel over 1,235 kilometers with a full tank thanks to the presence of two tanks with a total capacity of 100 liters: 50 liters of petrol and 50 liters of LPG (total capacity 62 liters), compared to the previous generation, the capacity of the auxiliary tank has been increased by 16.2 liters for a increased range of over 250 kilometers.


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