‘Dancing with the stars’, Montesano had already worn the Decima Mas shirt


‘Dancing with the stars’, Montesano had already worn the Decima Mas shirt
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It had happened before. In the Rai studios they had already seen the actor Enrico Montesano rehearse with the t-shirt Tenth Mas. November 5th Milly Carlucci had published the ritual photo on Instagram before the episode with the (now ex) couple in the competition, the actor used the same t-shirt. The post, after the scandal, was deleted. Meanwhile in Rai there is talk of an “inexperienced programmer” who would be “guilty” of the mess of the clip edited without due care.

The post released on Instagram

The case

Spotlight on Rai and the case of Enrico Montesano disqualified from Dancing with the Stars after wearing a shirt with the symbol of the Decima Mas, and the writing Memento audere semper during rehearsals with the professional dancer Alexandra Tripoli.

New items

In the meantime, new elements emerge, such as, for example, that the Rai insiders would not have noticed what Montesano was wearing during the rehearsals, but in reality he had already used that shirt two weeks earlier to take the pre-ceremonial photo. episode with the host of the program.

Montesano in the episode of 12 November

Montesano in the episode of 12 November

The previous

November 5th Milly Carlucci has in fact posted a photo with Henry Montesanoe Alexandra Tripoli. The presenter of dancing with the Stars, before the fifth episode was aired, had also presented the couple’s performance on social media, “they take to the dance floor with a very significant tango” he wrote. In the image from two weeks ago, the actor and former contestant wore the same offending shirt, under his jacket, in the studio of the program. After the scandal that broke out on Sunday the 13th in the morning, the post has been deleted.

The request

In a post published in his stories on Instagram Montesano announced on Monday the 14th that he had requested to meet the President of the PNP, Gianfranco Pagliaruloin order to clarify his position regarding the affair which he described as “a frivolity carried out in absolute good faith” and adds “I formally asked the president of theNational Association of Partisans of Italyto receive me. I also want to demonstrate how this attitude of mine has remained firm and rigorous over time and that the episode in which I clumsily fell should be attributed to a carelessness carried out in absolute good faith. I am sure that the president of the Anpi, who I know is a person with balance and wisdom, will want to receive me as soon as possible”.

Hunt for the culprit

Now in Viale Mazzini there are fears of losing the case against the actor, as the clip did not go live, but was viewed and selected by the programmers. Therefore – it reads on Press – the hunt for the culprit has begun to trace the chain of responsibility and hit those who have not been able to operate and those who have not been able to supervise. Many are trembling and for many the fear of being the only scapegoats for a surreal affair. An internal investigation has already begun in the company to ascertain the various stages of the matter.

The sweatshirt over the shirt

According to what has been reconstructed so far, Montesano always has something over his shirt when he enters the checkpoint with which he will then work and sweat, in particular the other day he was wearing a closed sweatshirt. So nobody saw anything. Then during rehearsals he took it off and kept working. But nobody figured out what it was, it wasn’t related to anything.

The offending clip

The clips are built with the story of the character and the dance rehearsals are mounted in the holes. And here the person “guilty” of the mess would have been identified, an “inexperienced programmer”, as she is defined, she inserted those images. Moreover, in all Rai programs there is a task force attentive precisely to the hidden advertising inspection of clothing brands.

Milly Carluci owner of the format

The message that comes from Dancing it is clear: editorial control belongs to Rai and, therefore, everything that follows from it. Milly Carlucci, owner of the format (if she wanted she could take it elsewhere), is defended by everyone. And in fact the program is doing very well and is one of the few still competitive. On Saturday it gained a 26 percent share by going head-to-head with its Canale 5 competitor You are worth it in its semifinal.

The complaint of the lawyer Assumma

Meanwhile, the lawyer George Assumma, lawyer of the expelled actor, continues to do his job and in the last few hours has come into possession of a photo that he found of considerable interest for the story concerning his client. “I still don’t have all the elements to fully frame the situation that was submitted to my examination by Enrico Montesano. But a photographic document, disseminated on the net because it was made available by theNational Sailors Association of Italy X Flottiglia Mas a few hours ago, leads me to a significant reflection, which I don’t think can be disputed”.

The photo mentioned by the lawyer Giorgio Assumma, with the veterans of the X Mas lined up in front of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano

The photo mentioned by the lawyer Giorgio Assumma, with the veterans of the X Mas lined up in front of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano

“In the photographic document – explains Assumma – the then President of the Republic is portrayed Giorgio Napolitano, flanked by all the leaders of the armed forces: they are all at attention to receive military honors from the weapon associations present and lined up on the occasion of a public ceremony. You can clearly see in the front row a standard bearer of the X Mas representation, also lined up, holding and displaying the banner of the department in which the symbol imprinted on the shirt worn by Enrico Montesano is reproduced exactly”.

And the lawyer concludes his note with a reflection: “If the display of this symbol was deemed lawful and worthy of respect by the high echelons of the presidency of the Republic and by the leaders of the armed forces, how could it arouse suspicion of illegality and offense to values ​​of the Democratic Republic in the actor Montesano and in the Rai technicians assigned to supervise the programme?”.

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