Dazn, from September the new prices: to share the games you will need the “Plus” version of 40 euros


Dazn, from September the new prices: to share the games you will need the “Plus” version of 40 euros
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Serie A: Dazn Plus arrives, more expensive. Otherwise, the “basic” version of Dazn (at 30 euros per month) will allow simultaneous double viewing only if you are in the same house

The news had been anticipated, in some way, in recent months. But now it is Dazn itself who communicates them to subscribers, with an email. And this is not good news for those hoping to continue to watch Serie A while containing costs: there is a crackdown on the practice of sharing the season ticket. In fact, Dazn does it in two: there will be a “standard” version that will cost 29.99 euros per month and which will substantially prevent the “sharing” of matches with those who do not live in the same house. Then comes a more expensive version, Dazn Pluswhich a 39.99 euros per month basically it offers what Dazn gave this year.

But let’s go in order. First news: the promotion at 19.99 euros per month (for those who signed up at the beginning of the 2021/22 season) it will expire at the beginning of September, with a variable day depending on the date of the debit.
At that point it will go to 29.99 euros per month. As Dazn writes in the email, «it will be possible for you register up to two devices to the Dazn app and you will be able to watch our contents simultaneously from both devices if connected to the Internet network of your home (cable or wi-fi: fiber, xDSL, FWA). You will still be able to always use Dazn on the go but not while the other registered device is being used. The Dazn account is personal and cannot be shared. Only those who live with you can use your Dazn account, in the manner prescribed ». In short: two televisions in the same house are ok; or a TV and a tablet, a TV and a smartphone, two tablets.
Two devices yes, but only and only if connected to the same home network, in short. Other solutions no: no dad watching the game in the living room while his son watches another one on his smartphone when he is out with friends (And here too comes the ire of subscribers).

There is another option, however, more expensive: «If you want you can choose the new subscription plan Dazn Plusat a cost of 39.99 euros per month, which will allow you to register up to six devices and watch our content simultaneously from two devices among those registered even if not connected to the internet of your home. Starting from September 2022 (variable day depending on the debit date of your subscription) you will be able to subscribe independently to the Dazn Plus subscription plan by accessing the “My Account” area on the website ».

Dazn has changed the usage policy and explicitly writes in point 8.3: “Dazn reserves the right, upon notification to the user, to insert, for each month of contractual validity, a maximum number of times the user can change the devices associated with their account with other devices, in compliance with the maximum number of devices per offer, without prejudice to any cases of proven loss of the devices (for example, by submitting a report of loss or theft) which may allow the change even if the aforementioned limit has been reached monthly. Pursuant to the previous Article 8.1.2, the user accepts that the login data are unique to the same and cannot be shared with others; the User acknowledges that any violation of this provision constitutes an illegal and fraudulent activity in relation to which Dazn reserves all actions for its protection, including compensation for damages. “.

Already in the autumn of 2021 Dazn had anticipated the intentions to crack down on the system of shared utilities, apparently very widespread in our country. The initiative had aroused lively controversy and the company had decided to postpone the decision, which now becomes executive with the next championship, set to start in August, earlier than usual due to the World Cup in Qatar. We remind you that the subscription can be suspended in the summer months during the football break: here we explain how to do it.

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