Dazn on tilt, Agcom asks for clarification and compensation. Serie A League: “Tell us how you solve problems”


Dazn on tilt, Agcom asks for clarification and compensation.  Serie A League: “Tell us how you solve problems”
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Agcom intervenes on the “serious disservices” recorded in the broadcasting of matches on the first day of A league by Dazn. L’Authority for Guarantees in Communication he made it known in a note that he had asked the streaming platform for “urgent clarifications” on what had happened and “to swiftly provide for the compensation provided for by the last resolution of the Authority”. Clarifications that also asked the Serie A Leaguebecause tonight they play Verona-Naples (6.30 pm) e Juventus-Sassuolo (8.45 pm). On Sunday, many fans could not see Lazio-Bologna, Fiorentina-Cremonese, Salernitana-Rome and Spezia-Empoli.

Agcom “following the serious inefficiencies recorded during the broadcasts of football matches on the first day of the championship of A league and of the numerous reports received – reads the note from the Authority – he urgently asked Dazn for clarification on what happened and on how the company is working to avoid the repetition of inefficiencies on the next day. Agcom – continues the note – also asked Dazn to promptly provide for the compensation provided for by the latest resolution adopted by theAuthority. Agcom reserves the right, following the in-depth analysis and its own evaluations, to adopt any initiative that will become necessary “.

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Vezzali: Serious and unacceptable inconvenience for users “

An urgent table will be convened shortly by the Undersecretary for Sport, Valentina Vezzali. “Having found the serious and unacceptable inconvenience caused to users by the lack of connection to Dazn, I am arranging with my offices an urgent table involving Serie A, Mise and Agcom, in order to deal with what happened as soon as possible,” he wrote the former fencing champion on Twitter.

She also intervened Raffaella Paitapresident of the Transport Commission of the Chamber: “The inconvenience for Dazn users was unacceptable. Yesterday, as President of the Transport, Post and Telecommunications Commission, I spoke on the very serious inefficiencies of Dazn and, as anticipated in the course of my report, the Agcom intervened. Now that there are quick and serious measures “.

Dazn’s apologies

Dazn he released a note in which “he deeply apologizes to all users who were unable to access their account over the weekend”. The streaming platform underlines that it was an “event of an exceptional nature that impacted some users in different markets”, reports that it has indicated a link as a temporary solution (same solution that will be adopted today in case of new problems, with warnings on social networks and links sent by email to users) and that its technicians are working on a definitive solution. He also announces that “we will provide compensation to each affected customer, which will be paid in the manner disclosed in the coming days. It is our responsibility to ensure that everything works. This is the commitment we make”.

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Lega Serie A: “Tell us how you solve the problems”

The risk is that today, on the occasion of the two postponements that close the first day of the championship, the access problems will arise again. For this reason the Serie A League sent a letter to Dazn in which it speaks of “prejudice and irreparable damage”, for yesterday’s disservices, and ordered the platform to specify “by 16 today”, how “it intends to take any appropriate action to ensure that the technical problems be solved. This – adds the Lega – due to the fact that the matches scheduled today involve two clubs, Juventus and Napoli, with a huge following of fans / users “.

The League of A in Dazn: “Insufficient reassurance”

The Lega Calcio, in its letter sent to Dazn, underlines that “the reassurances you received in view of the start of the championship with your communication of 2 August proved to be completely insufficient and we are, once again, forced to ask you account of the very serious inefficiencies that damaged the vision of the events by numerous users during the first day of the championship. associated injury and irreparable damage, also in terms of the image, objectively damaged by the news spread since yesterday evening by the media and social media, since these are live events, not repeatable, which are consummated definitively at end of the race “.

“We want detailed explanations”

It continues by specifying that the “damage further aggravated by the circumstance that had already materialized in the first sporting season and was repeated today at the beginning of the second sporting season (of the three) provided for in the license agreement. explanations relating to the nature of the inefficiencies that occurred, the numbers of the users impacted as well as specifying, in short, the measures that you will adopt, with immediate effect, to resolve the inefficiencies that occurred and avoid the repetition of malfunction phenomena of such gravity, in order to guarantee the quality of the service offered to subscribers as strictly required by the obligations established for you by the license agreement, which we refer to in full “.

“A reply within 16”

The League of A concludes the note by specifying that “by reason of the above to take all appropriate action to ensure that the technical problems you have expressed are resolved promptly and, that such disservices, are not proposed in the rest of the season , this to protect the image, prestige and identity of the Serie A League, the sports clubs, the value of the football product and its fans. and no later than 4 pm today, 15 August, due to the dispute of the championship matches scheduled for today which involve two clubs (Juventus and Napoli) with a huge following of fans / users. action and reason for damage to protect the undersigned Lega, associated companies and users of the audiovisual product “.


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