De Ketelaere: “Long negotiation, but I only wanted Milan”


De Ketelaere: “Long negotiation, but I only wanted Milan”
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From Milanello, here are the first words of the new AC Milan signing: “Ibra? I will learn a lot from him and it will be a thrill to be able to be with him on the pitch and in the locker room”

From our correspondent Stefano Cantalupi

The warmth of Milanello is already beginning to feel it, Charles De Ketelaere. A little because the thermometer shows 35 degrees, a little because many dozens of fans are outside the gate hoping to see it, to get a greeting or even some autograph. On the day of the official presentation, Milan’s transfer market hit sits in front of the microphones under the eyes of Gazidis, Maldini and Massara, who pamper him at a short distance: “I like the passion of the fans, it is for them that we play – he begins CDK- I am ready to follow the training rhythms with intensity, only now will I do it at a higher level. I was very impressed by the sessions I attended, there was great involvement from start to finish “. Milanello is the end of a journey that began months ago: “The last few weeks have been difficult for me, the clubs got in touch and then it was up to the agents to continue the negotiations. I expressed my desire to move to Milan. although to be here today I had to make a small sacrifice (the reference is to Bruges, ed). But I absolutely wanted to come here. ”


He still jokes about the pronunciation of his name, De Ketelaere: “They call me a bit English and a bit French, but it’s not that important … and no, I don’t have nicknames. on young talents. I saw how many players in this club have grown and improved. ” On the comparisons with Kakà heard in recent days, the Belgian says he is flattered: “I have seen many videos of Kakà, he was a fantastic player. I have my characteristics, but I hope to make a contribution here similar to what he did. Milan has great history and tradition, many legends have played here, but I think it is appropriate to focus on the future, as the club does. The number 90? these things. If you ask me instead the champion I admired the most, I answer Cristiano Ronaldo… for a boy of my age, however, for now it is impossible to approach that level “. Ibrahimovic could teach him something: “Having him by my side will be a great emotion, it will help me with his experience.”


Arriving in August means having to do everything quickly to catch up: “I felt very welcome by my teammates right from the start – explains Charles -. I’m slowly discovering this new reality, but the impression is positive. I had to undergo many tests, yesterday I had a moment to relax but the desire to get in early is such that there is no time for relaxation “. The national team will also find a place among his seasonal commitments: “The coach Martinez did not influence me in the choice of the team, but he was aware that I would go to a high-level club where I could play. My girlfriend Jozefien? No, not I didn’t even have to negotiate with her to come to Milan … she’ll have to finish her studies, we’ll see how we organize ourselves. ” Tomorrow he will be on the field in the friendly match in Vicenza: “Yes, Pioli told me that I will have a few minutes at my disposal”.


De Ketelaere is very convinced he made the right choice, wearing the Rossoneri colors: “Being contacted by Maldini was an honor, he is a legend of the club who also plays a very important role. What convinced me the most, however, it was the project “. There is a lot of curiosity about his position on the pitch: “I have technique and touch, help in finishing but I also manage to lower myself and recover the ball. I was used in many areas of the field, I prefer the attacking phase. An attacking midfielder who plays very close to the first striker. ” Top-level opponents will not be lacking in Serie A: “There are many stars in this league, but I avoid thinking too much about the single rival or the single team to face. Then there will be the Champions League and one of the objectives is to overcome the A phase. group “. Closing down on tennis, the sport ‘sacrificed’ as a child to make room for football: “Up to 12 I played a lot of tennis, it’s a sport you do alone with yourself and mentally helps in concentration and coordination. Choosing football is it was easy because I played with friends, everything was lighter “.


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