Dear Summer, from airline tickets to umbrellas, prices are rising – Economy

Dear Summer, from airline tickets to umbrellas, prices are rising – Economy
Written by aquitodovale

Airline tickets which in some cases, such as those of European flights, have almost doubled and the cost of deck chairs and umbrellas has risen to exceed 30%. It will be a hot summer for prices, with the exception of rail connections which on an annual basis instead register a reduction. To make the accounts are different consumer associations, which however trace the same trajectory for prices, upwards.
For the Codacons it will be the summer of the dear plane. Those who decide to fly to reach European destinations will have to put their hand in their wallets and pay fares almost doubled compared to last year. With the arrival of the heat and the increase in the movements of Italians, the prices of airline tickets have skyrocketed – explains the consumer association, which has reworked the latest data provided by Istat.
In the last month the fares of European flights have undergone an increase of + 91% compared to the same period of 2021. Intercontinental flights have increased by + 35.7% while the price of domestic ones is up by 15.2%.
A generalized increase in air fares that is also affected by the growth in fuel prices and the consequences of expensive bills, and is directly reflected in the pockets of consumers. But increases – warns the Codacons – are also recorded on the side of maritime transport: in the last month the ferry fares have increased by + 19.4% compared to the same period of 2021.
On the other hand, the prices of train tickets fell by 9.9% on an annual basis, as an effect of the lower limitations on trains related to Covid and the return of offers and discounts practiced by the companies. Assuming certain dates, 355 euros will be spent going to and from Fiumicino to Paris in June, 364 euros for Lisbon, 399 euros for London, a price that drops to 271 euros if you depart from Linate and return to Malpensa.
But it will also be more expensive, compared to last year, to secure a place in the sun in one of the many Italian beaches, where the average price increases are almost 32% more than in the summer of 2021. , according to which Italian families will spend an average of 144 euros this year for a day at the beach compared to 109 euros a year ago. Umbrellas, sunbeds and deck chairs – writes the consumer association – “recorded average increases of 20% compared to last year, as confirmed by the same managers of various areas of Italy who spoke of increases generated by the higher costs borne by them”.
In particular, to rent an umbrella and two sun loungers during the weekend, in an average establishment they will spend, according to the association, “between 20 and 30 euros per day, an amount that rises to 150 euros in the superior structures”. For the monthly pass, Consumerismo continues, the rates vary between 600 and 900 euros, while for the seasonal pass the price varies between 1,500 and 3,000 euros, depending on the area of ​​Italy and the quality of the facilities. Even having a drink or eating something, from hot dishes to ice cream, in the beach bars will cost more. In this case, according to the association, the price increases will be between 10 and 50% on 2021. According to the report elaborated with data from public sources, they underline, a family of four will also spend two euros more for a basic breakfast. of cappuccino and croissant, two euros more for fuel, two euros more for parking, 5 euros more for sunbeds and umbrella, 5 euros more per person for lunch.