Deductions, how to pay for the reimbursement of the new bonuses?


Deductions, how to pay for the reimbursement of the new bonuses?
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How to pay for the refund of the new bonuses? L’Revenue Agency has published circular no. 24 on 7 July, with the guidelines for compiling the tax return 2022 for taxpayers, professionals and Caf.

This year there are gods new bonuses and tax credits making their debut in tax returns, and the instructions of the Financial Administration take stock of the news. The 324-page document of practice was drawn up in agreement with the National Council of Cafs. The deductions relating to building works (renovation bonus, eco and seismabonus, superbonus 110%, facades and gardens) will be addressed in a separate circular.

Music bonus: how to pay and documents to keep

The music bonus consists in the reimbursement of 19% of the expenses incurred for the annual registration and subscription of children aged between 5 and 18 years to music conservatories, to institutions of advanced artistic, musical and dance training (Afam), to music schools registered in the regional registers, to choirs, bands and music schools recognized by a public administration. There deduction comes up to maximum of 1,000 euros for each child, provided that the income does not exceed 36 thousand euros per year.

To be entitled to the deduction, however, the taxpayer must carry out the payment with:

  • postal or bank payment;
  • through debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, bank checks and cashier’s checks.

THE papers to be kept vary according to the payment method:

  • receipt of the bank or postal payment showing the beneficiary;
  • in the case of payment by credit card, debit card or prepaid card, a statement of the bank or of the company that manages these cards which also shows the beneficiary;
  • in the case of payment by bank check or cashier’s check, or in the event that from the receipt of the payment made it is not possible to identify one of the requested elements, receipt / invoice issued by the service provider from which it is possible to identify the tax code of the subject in which compare the service performed (beneficiary boy) and the payment method used.

Home bonus under 36: how to use it and what to watch out for

This first home bonus is dedicated to those under 36 who enter into a contract from May 26, 2021 to December 31, 2022, as long as they have not yet turned 36 in the year in which the deed is deed and with an ISEE of up to 40 thousand euros.

The tax credit accrued by the taxpayer under 36 (equal to the VAT paid) for the purchase of the first home subject to VAT cannot be requested as a refund, but can be used:

  • decrease from registry, mortgage, land registry, inheritance and donation taxes due on deeds and reports submitted after the date of acquisition of the credit;
  • in reduction of the personal income tax due on the basis of the return to be presented after the date of the subsidized purchase;
  • limited to the amount not used with the other methods mentioned, in compensation through form F24, in which the tax code “6928” must be indicated;
  • the tax credit can be asserted when submitting the first tax return following the purchase or the return relating to the tax period in which the purchase was made.

THE papers to check and keep are:

  • deed of purchase of the property or decree of transfer following judicial proceedings;
  • declaration about the existence of the requisites to benefit from the first home benefits under 36 if they do not appear in the court order;
  • deeds stipulated after the purchase of the first house subject to VAT;
  • copy of the DSU used in drafting the purchase deed;
  • F24 models in case of compensations made.

How to pay for swabs and molecular, serological or antigenic tests for the deduction

The expenses for swabs and tests of any type (molecular, serological or antigenic) for Sars-Cov-2, performed by public or private laboratories, are deductible as diagnostic health services, with payment obligation traced if performed by private structures not accredited to the NHS.

Expenses for rapid, serological or antigenic tampons, performed in the pharmacy I am deductible, even if paid in cashprovided that the certification issued by the pharmacies shows the name of the service or the unique codes 983172483 (rapid buffer execution 18+) and 983172420 (rapid buffer execution 12-18).

The expenses for quick self-diagnosis swabs, if the expense document does not contain the AD code (the code that certifies the transmission to the Health Card System of the expense for medical devices), are deductible only if the CE marking and compliance with European product regulations, not being included in the list of most commonly used devices.

THE papers to keep are:

  • receipt or invoice showing the person who bears the expense and the description of the medical device also using the AD or PI codes (the generic wording “medical device” does not allow the deduction). If the receipt does not bear the AD or PI code, the documentation from which it can be deduced is also required, for the products included in the list attached to circular no. 20 / E of 2011, that the purchased product has the CE marking (for example: the packaging of the device, the product sheet, the manufacturer’s attestation or the indication on the invoice / receipt by the seller). If the product is not included in the list attached to circular no. 20 / E of 2011, the documentation must also contain the indication of the European directives 93/42 / EEC, 90/385 / EEC and 98/79 / EC or the European regulations EU / 2017/745 and EU / 2017/746. For made-to-measure products, the CE marking is not necessary, but the certificate of conformity with the legislative decree n. 46 of 1997 or the European regulation EU / 2017/745;
  • the qualification of the product as a medical device can be found by consulting the ┬źDatabase of medical devices┬╗ published on the website of the Ministry of Health.

All the details can be found in circular letter no. 24 of 7 July 2022, which we leave attached.

AdE Circular no. 24 of 7 July 2022
Collection of the main documents of practice relating to expenses that give the right to deductions from income, tax deductions, tax credits and other relevant elements for completing the tax return of individuals and for affixing the compliance visa for tax year 2021 – First part

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