Delete these dangerous apps from your mobile: a virus empties your bank accounts


A virus that steals your money, only through the apps on your mobile: yes, you have to be careful with these particular applications, to avoid nasty surprises in the future. Here’s what they are and what we’re talking about.

Bank account virus –

THE cyber virus there are so many and you have to be careful with each of them, but there is one in particular that has been creating many problems for some time.

We are talking about the SharkBoT malwarea new “trojan” reported as early as 2021that can steal banking credentials just through some simple mobile apps. But what are they and how to understand if we really risk? Here’s everything we know.

SharkBot, the virus that steals all your money

Unfortunately, malware is not always “spotted” in time before it does damage: one of these, for example, is SharkBot, a trojan that disguises itself as an application to deceive users.

Hacker –

This virus was discovered in 2021 and, mainly, it targeted some apps related to cryptocurrency exchanges or trading services.

The main problem is that SharkBot is capable of stealing bank details through some simple appswhich no one would suspect.

Through this step, hackers manage to steal money from the bank accounts of the unfortunates, even completely emptying them.

Then, in August 2022, some researchers from Fox IT, a company that deals with cybersecurity, a branch of the NCC group, have identified the new version of SharkBot.

The latter is also capable of acquire cookies when logging into a bank account, via mobile phone. In fact, cookies can contain very important information, which can lead hackers to overcome security procedures.

How does this malware work? Practically, the virus “pretends” to be a real application, superimposing itself on a window already opened by the user.

In this way, it intercepts the activities performed by the owner of the cell phone, making “keylogging” in jargon, until it is able to take full control of the device.

The apps to stay away from

But what are the offending applications that allow malware to enter our mobile phones?

Malware –

After several investigations, it was discovered that two apps in particular had this role: MisterPhoneCleaner and Kylhavy Mobile Security.

The first is for remove unnecessary files from devices, trying to make memory more and more free. Thousands have downloaded this app, thinking they are protecting their phone while doing the opposite.

The other app, Kylhavy Mobile Security, in theory it should have reported malware, viruses and problems with your mobile device.

The advice, therefore, is to remove them immediately from your mobile phone to avoid further damage.

How to escape the SharkBot malware and save our money?

Now that we have exposed the precarious situation caused by SharkBot, we need to understand how we can protect ourselves from it.

First of all, you need to be well informed about the downloaded applications on your mobile phone: when you decide to download something, read the description of the app well and above all who developed them.

In fact, it is necessary to look for apps from reputable developers, also carefully reading the reviews released by other users in the stores.

The most importanttwo-factor authentication enabled for your mobile phone, for your mailboxes and even for banking apps, in order to make the hackers’ job more complicated.

Always check your financial data, in such a way as to detect strange transactions, unauthorized movements. In case, you will be ready to notify the competent bank to help you block everything, saving your money.

Very important, then, is update devices often because in the updates proposed there are usually always new security measures included, which can strengthen the defenses of your mobile phone.

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