Depression, what are the physical symptoms that we all underestimate: joint stiffness and more


Depression, what are the physical symptoms that we all underestimate: joint stiffness and more
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Depression is often underestimated, it not only involves emotional and psychological breakdowns, but also hides physical symptoms that are difficult to associate

Speak about depression on the web it is not easy because the sensitivity of many people is touched, but it is important today more than ever to provide information on problems relating to the first depressive symptoms that are very often ignored. A large part of the western population today suffers from permanent and non-permanent (ie momentary or profound) depressive states.

Economic well-being and the development of capitalist societies has led people to rely more and more on technology and luxury goods which have silently distanced them from the more concrete, simpler things which give lifeblood to the emotional life of human beings. It may seem surprising, but the data estimates that at least 70% of people with depression do not seek psychological treatment and prefer to consult a doctor first. In fact, depression is very frequently experienced as a physical malaise, but there is little information from this point of view.

It should be noted that the most wrong thing you can do is to be alarmed or self-diagnose symptoms and related diseases. In these cases, the internet is one of the vastest information resources but it must be considered that each case is a case in itself and for this reason it is necessary to raise an alarm bell, but always consult an expert doctor.

Another false myth about depression it lies in the fact that sad people are depressed and those who manage to experience happiness are not. In reality, the management of emotions is a very complicated area and in this way a complexity that should instead be analyzed as such would be unfairly simplified. Even depressed people can live carefree and happy moments, this is why the diagnosis becomes difficult, if you often feel exhausted with physical pain, you could be depressed: there are various stages, depression is not just the difficulty of getting out of bed ( which instead we could all have due to the load of daily commitments), listen to each other and if you are feeling bad, also evaluate a specialist such as a psychologist.

Kekko Silvestrethe frontman of Fashionhas revealed only in recent days that he has struggled against the for years depression: “On April 29, 2021, I woke up and I couldn’t bend my legs. I thought it was the flu but after ten days in bed I feared it might be a degenerative disease. I visited a neurologist and diagnosed me with depression“.

Depression symptoms not to be underestimated – newsby
Depression we pay attention to our body’s signals – newsby

“Depression is a dark evil that does not show itself and lives inside you” said the Modà singer in an interview with Corriere della Sera, precisely explaining that the problems are not only psychological but also physical and that the more they are ignored the more they degenerate into more serious problems. The band will return to the stage of Sanremo Music Festival 2023after a few years of absence, with leave mea piece which, as explained by Kekko Silvestre, revolves around the theme of suffering. “There were moments that weren’t easy, with staring into space… The physical block has arrived: a month later, on May 11, I started treatment.Drugs are the poison I talk about in the song”

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