Digital terrestrial, disappeared channels: how to solve in a few minutes

Digital terrestrial, disappeared channels: how to solve in a few minutes
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More frequently, digital terrestrial channels end up disappearing from users’ screens, but nothing is lost. Let’s see how

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Some memories need to be gleaned from memory, especially for generations “Veterans” who have known the most unusual aspects of some consumption. In the home environment there is no shortage of episodes sculpted in our proverbial prose, linked to the defect of some household appliance, the latter also disappeared from the attics. Because the history of a consumer good, like any household appliance, includes the history of its own defects.

In fact, in the nostalgia of the images of the past, there is no lack of a certain romanticism towards every effort to roughly restore a certain device, almost always with excellent results. As if the omnipresence of the superfine technology today has deprived of this margin of autonomy (but above all of reparation), using the object from the delicate balance of its precarious life to its near and planned end.

Digital terrestrial, how to permanently recover deleted channels

Digital terrestrial, disappeared channels: how to solve in a few minutes
Digital terrestrial (Adobe Photo)

Today’s generations of consumers cannot therefore know as many generations of people who, at the slightest failure of an appliance, tried to open it, surgically dismantled some components and in many cases the attempts to put it back together were successful. In short, we tried to repair, like an old moped. For the coarser, one tried to hit the object (another world).

As happened to the whims of receptions of old television sets: theantenna positioned above the cathode ray tube until the image obscured by the lines caused by signal problems reappeared. This happened until the advent of the DTT. With digital TV, a new standard has been introduced (the DVB-T2) of television signal, which has brought with it a wider range of television channels, an improvement in reception quality and the obvious replacement of the analog signal.

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Yet since 2012 there has been a crescendo of problems, all attributable to the disappearance sudden of this or that television channel. In fact, this is not a real mystery. The cause is due to the constant updates of the channel list; our TV set or decoder does not perform them at the precise moment in which they are programmed (so as not to lose the LCN list) and the channels instantly vanish.

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Sometimes the adverse conditions to which the antenna installed above our home is exposed are enough. The solution is there retuning of the channels of digital terrestrial: the Research it’s simple and automatic. The signal of some channels may be equally weak; then, we can fix the defect by purchasing a signal amplifier: it mediates between the antenna and the TV or decoder, amplifies the signal and acts as an LTE filter in the occurrence of interference. All with a modest cost of around 20 euros.

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