Director Paul Haggis remains under house arrest. The investigating judge: “he is unable to control his instincts”


Director Paul Haggis remains under house arrest.  The investigating judge: “he is unable to control his instincts”
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The order of the judge and the two conflicting versions. The case of the notes left by the girl in the bed and breakfast

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OSTUNI (Brindisi)

– Paul Haggis remains under house arrest in the Ostuni farm on charges of sexual violence

about a twenty-eight year old of English citizenship. According to the judge of the preliminary investigations, Vilma Gilli, the “modalities” of the facts described by the girl would denote that the Oscar-winning director has an “absolute inability to control his instincts and to desist from his own intentions in an attitude of prevarication and dominance”. Also, the fact that he has a civil lawsuit pending in New York for similar facts, albeit still sub judicecould be “a symptom of a criminal inclination in the sexual sphere.”

The suspicions that weigh on the author of are heavy Crash-Physical Contact
. Accusations that the 69-year-old Canadian author, with dual US citizenship, yesterday morning, in an interrogation of over two hours, before the judge of the preliminary investigations, categorically rejected saying, in summary, and net of translations: ”
There was no violence. Relationships yes, but consenting

But the investigating judge, while not validating the arrest, wants to see more clearly. And to avoid, according to the 6-page provision, that the girl “through contacts with Haggis or with third parties can be induced to retract” her version. A cold shower for the defense: the lawyer Michele Laforgia hoped that Haggis had “clarified everything”, telling her version, supported by some chats on file. She had been the girl to approach him in March at the Munich Film Festival he directed. He had asked him to do with her a selfie which he then posted on Instagram, letting him know with a “tag”. He had contacted her. And she invited to Ostuni where the screenwriter was to be the host of the first edition of the Film Festival, Music and Art, «So Fest». Facts, these, confirmed by her. Only then the versions diverge.
He tells it as a story finished in three days and two exchanges of intimacy. Not her.
She says that at that festival she had proposed herself to him with the role of consultant. And that she Haggis had contacted her and invited her to join him in Ostuni where she “would direct a festival”. There, she reconstructs the investigating judge of her, she had welcomed her at the airport, taken her to the bed and breakfast where she resided and “already at her door he had made her understand her intentions”.

The “assault” described by the girl has gory details. But then he explains why she didn’t leave at that point: the director would take her to lunch and “reassured his intentions of wanting to establish a romantic relationship with her”. Actually, in the afternoon there would be a new assault, despite the girl’s “requests to quit” in the objective impossibility of having an intimate relationship and therefore ended up in the emergency room. Finally a third assault. And the end of illusions. “The investigating judge has acknowledged that there is no evidence of any physical injury,” assures Laforgia, who reserves the right to challenge the investigating judge’s provision. According to the prosecutor, however, physical injuries are not important but psychological ones.

Also on record is a memorial by Haggis according to which “she wanted to be the next Bond Girl”. It was “she who insisted” on having intimate encounters with him. And the epilogue: «you asked Me for money. I told her I was sorry but I wouldn’t do it. ‘

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