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Pay attention to the diet we lead. Here are the 6 most dangerous foods for health discovered: they are all shocked

As human beings we all need to fuel our bodies with food and water to survive. Getting food is now all too simple and we just need to go to supermarkets or shops where it is possible to buy products necessary for our survival, such as water, meat, vegetables, etc.

Here are the 6 most dangerous foods for our health, Ilovetrading

However, the large amount of food products found in supermarkets and specialty shops has led to a large one food surplus, not always healthy and positive for our body. There are some, in fact, that can represent a real danger to our health and physical integrity, even very serious ones. It is in fact important to pay attention to the diet we lead. Here are discovered i 6 most dangerous foods for health. They are all shocked.

Here are the 6 most dangerous foods for your health

The Welfare that has conditioned our society has had (and still has) a crucial role in the living conditions of individuals. Quite simply, people no longer have to struggle to get food and risk having to give up on food. Also, there are no long periods of duress without being able eat food. However, our daily habits have changed a great deal, also due to the fact that we have incorporated them into ours diet products that might even damage our body.

We are talking about foods that could be harmful to our health due to their composition. In fact, there are edible foods which, however, can provoke us serious problems. This aspect was investigated by the prestigious magazine “Lancet”, which analyzed the most dangerous foods for health. These are foods which, if consumed in large quantities, could cause diseases such as diabetes or other diseases involving the apparatus neurological. But let’s see what are the 6 most dangerous foods for health.

Here are the 6 most dangerous foods for our health, Ilovetrading

Among the first foods mentioned by the scientific journal there are obviously le drinks sugared and the classic soft drinks. These are often associated with overweight and, according to the data, may also increase the risk of diabetes of type 2, some types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Another very dangerous food is sugar refined. In fact, this product could also increase the risk of obesity, illnesses cardiovascular and diabetes, as well as some mental illnesses. Avoid excess corn, white sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup, molasses and sweets of any kind.

Here are the other foods that are dangerous to your health

Further foods from which we must be very concerned are i fat trans hey fat saturated. To the first group belong foods such as snacks sweet and savory. These raise LDL cholesterol levels. As far as saturated fats are concerned, they include cream, butter, cured meat, lard and lard. A high consumption of these products increases the risk of death from coronary heart disease and heart attack.

Another food to avoid is monosodium glutamate. We are talking about theflavor enhancer, added to further flavors by the food industry. The sixth and last food to watch out for is fish with high levels of mercury. It is indeed important to avoid this substance, as it could be very harmful for pregnant women.

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