Discovering the most unique and rare car


Discovering the most unique and rare car
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On the occasion of the Concorso d’Eleganza di Villa d’Este, Rolls-Royce presented its new Boat Tail, the second in a limited series of just three models, created thanks to the company’s Coachbuild program. A more unique than rare car: unofficially there is talk of a price that even exceeds 20 million euros.

However, nothing to do with the most expensive car ever sold in history, which we have talked about in recent days. The essence of these Rolls-Royce Coachbuild projects is that each commissioned car tells a completely unique and personal story to its owner, reflecting tastes and sensibilities. The new Boat Tail (like others seen in the past) is a masterpiece of sobriety, refinement, elegance and attention to detail.

The new unique Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

The car is built entirely by hand, with body panels cut from vast single sheets of aluminum to create the distinctive profile inspired by racing yachts. In every respect, this extraordinary car is truly unique. The customer who commissioned this model is an accomplished patron of the artswhich has an important collection of classic and modern cars, housed in a dedicated private museum.

Thanks to the customer’s knowledge of luxury, the level of refinement of the car is unmatched and is indeed clearly visible in this area of ​​art. The materials used have been carefully studied and the precise details chosen together create a very personal and emotionally resonant homage to his father of the customer and the history of his family, linked to the world of mother of pearl.

The client presented Rolls-Royce Coachbuild Designers with a selection of four pearl shells, personally chosen from his private collection, and which inspired the unique coloring of the car, one of the most complex bespoke finishes ever made by the House. The base of the color is a shimmering blend of white, pink and bronze, with a quality pearlescent unique that subtly changes in different light conditions. The contrasting cognac-colored bonnet, created especially for this Boat Tail, is embellished with bronze and gold aluminum particles and Iced Matt finish.

The rear, with the exclusive “butterfly” opening, is covered in real walnut wood, inlaid with rose gold plated elements with a satin finish to ensure a delicate and sophisticated look. The Royal Walnut it was specially selected by the customer for its properties that gradually mature and embellish over time. On the front we see the grille, milled from a single solid billet of aluminum, embellished with a Spirit of Ecstasy modeled in rose gold and positioned just above the Pantheon Grille.

Rolls-Royce brings its new precious and unique Boat Tail to Villa d’Este

The interior of the precious car

The interior is a carefully detailed combination of real walnut wood, cognac color and precious leathers perfectly matched to the elements present in the cabin, with accents in rose gold and mother of pearl everywhere. The leathers, complete with a pearl finish, accentuate the surfaces and shapes of the seats and interior design of the new Boat Tail. The central tunnel is in royal walnut with rose gold details, it gives a luminous warmth to the interior of the car.

The centerpiece of the dashboard is a chronograph made of mother of pearl, chosen and supplied by the customer from his own collection. Mother of pearl was also used to grace the various instruments and control dials, creating a strong visual and material connection between the car, the owner and its family legacy.


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