Do you know who Luciana Littizzetto is? Age, husband, partner, adopted and natural children – Back cover


Do you know who Luciana Littizzetto is?  Age, husband, partner, adopted and natural children – Back cover
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Luciana Littizzetto is one of the most famous Italian comedians, known for her work on television, cinema and live performances. She is best known for her work alongside Fabio Fazio at Che tempo che fa on Rai 3. her Turin wit has no intention of stopping, and in fact we have seen her alongside Fazio for several years. Viewers seem to know this very familiar face well. But do you really know everything about her? Let’s find out some more details about her private life together.

Luciana Littizzetto was born in Turin on October 29, 1964. She is 57 years old. Has Luciana Littizzetto ever been married? No. Unlike many other Italian comedians and entertainers, she has never celebrated herself. However, she has had a very long and committed relationship that could be considered her marriage. The deepening together in the next paragraph.


Luciana Littizzetto would be single from 2018, when her long relationship with former Africa Unite drummer Davide Graziano ended. The two were together from 1997 to 2018, so practically for more than 20 years of love. Here are the words with which she covertly told the reasons for their breakup:

We all deal with disillusionment. And it’s not just about men, but friends too. You thought you were in a loyal relationship and you find that you are not. After the age of 50 you begin to realize that it may happen that you never fall in love again. And so you learn to think for yourself.

It has been speculated that between the lines of their recent public statements one could read the disappointment at the proposed non-marriage of the former partner. However, neither side has ever confirmed or denied this detail. The two appear to be on good terms for the sake of their children.

Adopted and natural children

Luciana Littizzetto has no biological children. With her ex-boyfriend Davide Graziano, however, she adopted her two brothers Vanessa and Jordan, who entered her life at 12 and 9 years respectively. She is now 27 years old and lives in Turin with her current boyfriend, who intends to have biological children with another woman while raising Littizzetto’s future children as hers were. She divides her time between Italy and Spain and works behind the scenes of television programs for La7 and Tv2000.

Italian comedian, actress and TV personality Luciana Littizzetto has racked up an impressive number of roles over the years. From 1997 to today, she has starred in 24 films, including E poi mambo! (1999), All the Men of the Dying (1999), Pale Radish (2001), Handbook of Love (2001), Male vs Female (2010) and Aspiring Widower (2013). Luciana Littizzetto also did well on TV. The funny girl made her debut in 1991 in the comedy program Avanzi and then moved on to Zelig in 1997. Since then, she has participated in numerous other programs, including Mai dire Gol from 1997 to 2000 and Che tempo che fa from 2005 to 2020, as well as this new Prime Video show titled Dinner Club.


Luciana Littizzetto is tall 1 meter and 58 centimeters. Also for this physical peculiarity, she has earned the nickname of “Lucianina”. Luciana Littizzetto is on her Instagram where the homonymous official profile of her currently has over 3 million followers. In her feed, many funny TikToks, caustic phrases and moments that portray her on TV as in her serene daily life.

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