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Do you remember Maria Antonietta Tilloca? You took part in the first edition of Big Brother, the one won by Cristina Plevani. She today she is another person.

His name jumped to the headlines for his participation in the first, historical, Big Brother. A program that has revolutionized customs and the way of doing television and that has been accompanied, over the years, too from a number of criticisms. The first ever participants of the reality show have gained good popularity. Among them also Maria Antonietta Tilloca who today, however, seems not to have followed the path of the show.

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In short, she has become another person. And her look is also different. The then 27 year old originally from Alghero today he seems to devote himself to something else. Beautiful woman, with a beautiful smile, some time ago she met the travel companions of the one before her, in her mythical way of her, edition of the Gf, in a reunion watched with nostalgia by many viewers. Also for the absence of someone.

Do you remember Marie Antoinette Tilloca? He took part in Gf 1

Everyone remembers it because it was completely different from reality shows as they happen today. There was also the idea of a social experiment. The first edition of Gf 1, aired in 2000, also set itself the goal of verifying what happens and what dynamics are created in a group of ten people who do not know each other and who find themselves living under the same roof, constantly spied on by the cameras.

Some of the participants, such as Rocco Casalino and Pietro Taricone, would actually become very well known. The first was spokesman for the then Prime Minister Giuseppe Contethe second, who became a well-known actor, has unfortunately lost his life following a terrible parachute accident. The love story, consummated within the walls of the house, between him and the one who would become the winner, Cristina Plevani, caused a sensation.

And she, Maria Antonietta Tilloca, 27, young, beautiful, a big smile, came out on the 85th day of the reality show, the duration of which was set at 99 days. The girl stood out for her empathy but also for her artistic passion, which has, in fact, become today a real job for her. Here’s how she changed: she looks like another person.

What a change!

Obviously she has also changed physically: today Maria Antonietta Tilloca is 48 years old, she is always beautiful and, on the occasion of the reunion a Live Non รจ la D’Urso almost two years ago, the followers remarked how she had remained stupendousbut also like that first historic edition, conducted by Daria Bignardi with correspondent Marco Liorni, it was special, unique.

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Over the years, Maria Antonietta Tilloca has cultivated a passion for art, also participating in the Rai Due Detto program made with tutorials on creative objects. And, in fact, this is her business today. The artist, who appears quite far from the world of entertainment, creates creations and is active on a very popular instagram page. His objects, in fact, are also original gift ideas. Moreover, in some shots – like this one from her birthday a few weeks ago – he also appears with a different look. The hair – a medium cut which replaced the shorter one from 22 years ago – they are clearer but the smile has always remained the same, as well as the affection of the fans towards him.

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