Do you remember the baby born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead? It’s been 9 years since his birth: how it is now | Mom I’m fine!


Seeing your child for the first time is a unique and unrepeatable emotion, which warms the hearts of parents and all those present. But when this couple saw their newborn baby they couldn’t believe their eyes: one wants shaped heart had appeared on his face.

The parents in question are a young Turkish couple: Murat Engin and Ceyda. They couldn’t wait to get to know their first child and when the long-awaited day finally came, they reacted with immense joy and gratitudeespecially when they saw a heart on his face.

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In fact, as soon as the baby was born the nurses present noticed a strange red spot on his forehead that traced the shape of a heart. The first thing they did was subject him to further checks to make sure it was nothing to worry about but a simple birthmark.

After making sure, most of them decided to photograph him and he was nicknamed by everyone “Baby love“, Precisely in honor of this strange stain. Her parents were also enthusiastic about it, and they believe it was a real sign that the Lord wanted to leave on their son.

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Everyone who sees him on the street can’t help but compliment his good looks and congratulate his parents. After all, it is as if he transmits love and affection to everyone he meets, sowing joy wherever he goes.

The doctors’ opinion regarding this particular birthmark is that it is nothing new. Babies are born every day with birthmarks scattered around the body, but it certainly happens less frequently that they take on such beautiful shapes. They can be pink, others beige or redmore or less large.

But the reason that determines its appearance has not yet been fully clarified, indeed in some cases they tend to spontaneously disappear with advancing age. Now the “Baby love” has 9 years and if you are curious to see how it has become you can find it on Instagram with the name of @ lovebaby.cinar.

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