Do you want to know who Anna Kanakis is? Age, husband, children, biography, career, private life, Marco Merati Foscarini – Controcopertina


Do you want to know who Anna Kanakis is?  Age, husband, children, biography, career, private life, Marco Merati Foscarini – Controcopertina
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Anna Kanakis (born in 1962) is a famous Italian television personality, born in Messina and the son of a Greek engineer born in Crete and a mother born in Tortorici who became a lawyer. Her career peaked at just 15, when she won the Miss Italy pageant. In 1981 she then participated in Miss Universe.

Anna Kanakis

Anna Kanakis was born in Messina on 1 February 1962. Today she is 60 years old and has been an actress, model and writer. The general public knows her above all for having won the Miss Italia sash in 1977. “I was born in Sicily in the ‘historic vintage’ of ’62 in Messina, in a house kissed by the sun and lapped by the sea”, says Kanakis on the website her web. Her father is Greek, originally from Crete, and an engineer; her mother is originally from Tortorici, a town in the province of Messina in the Nebrodi Mountains, and is a lawyer.

I remember childhood with tenderness – says Anna Kanakis – I was a curly girl with her face buried in a book, I devoured dozens of them and flew with my mind in many worlds “.

Miss Italia and notoriety

When he was 15, he was elected Miss Italy 1977: “One day, while I was having fun on a dance floor on the island of Vulcano, where I was spending a holiday with my mother and my sister, they elected me Miss Vulcano,” he says. “Within a few months I found myself in the Miss Italy contest, which I won,” he says. The election of him was the latest after a change in the rules of Miss Italy. After the election of Miss, she returns to Sicily to continue her studies at the classical school in Catania, where she received many offers from Rome: “It was not a simple decision, but I was a confident and proud child, I did not feel I had made a wrong because of something I didn’t really care about, even though my schoolmates were very curious and looked at me with prejudice, ”he recalls.

The following year, thanks to the popularity obtained, he begins to tread the most important catwalks of Italian fashion. In 1982 she married the musician Claudio Simonetti and moved to Rome: the Eternal City became her new home. The marriageafter a few years, she falters and she continues to live on Rome.

The cinema

Just 15 years old, Ms. Italia 1977, Anna Kanakis acquires notoriety, becoming a supermodel. While she was dancing on a dance floor on the Island of Vulcan, where she was on vacation with her mother and her sister, she was elected Miss Vulcan. At the end of a few weeks, she was chosen for the Miss Italy pageant and won. Anna Kanakis, who was a good actress, found herself with a friend who dreamed of becoming a director and washed her hair with soap called Peppuccio Tornatore, who asked: “Anna, you have the vivacity and changeability of expression in your eyes of the great actors, the straws, why don’t you try acting? ” Anna Kanakis, after the council, did a black and white photo shoot and met an agent indicated by Tornatore. Tornatore has the idea of ​​a comedy film that has a short part for Anna Kanakis. In the film ‘o Re, with Luigi Magni, Giancarlo Giannini, and Ornella Muti, comes her first dramatic role. Anna she plays in more than 30 films, both in Italy and abroad.

There is also one for her little parenthesis in politics: becomes national manager of “Culture and Entertainment” of the Democratic Union for the Republic (UDR). She made her debut as a writer in 2010, with the novel “You are so mine when you sleep. George Sand’s last scandalous love ”. She continues with the writing, publishing her second novel in 2011, “Goebbels ‘Lover”, in which she tells the story of Lída Baarová, a Czechoslovakian actress who was Joseph Goebbels’ lover in 1938.

Private life, Anna Kanakis today

Anna Kanakis marries in 1982 the musician Claudio Simonettifrom which divorce a few years later. In 2004 marries the Venetian Marco Merati Foscarinidescendant of Marco Foscarini, one of the last doges of Venice.

The meeting with the writing arrives at the peak of her acting career. “Galeotta” was a biography of George San, read in the breaks between the filming of a fiction. She begins a first manuscript and submits it to the judgment of two fellow writers, with a flattering response.

“I remember the thrill of holding my first ‘paper baby’ in my hands. In that moment I realize the separation from my previous professional activity. Today I am a screenwriter, actress, and director of my ‘creatures’. I don’t depend on anyone. I’m free, ”she says.

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