Dodi Battaglia, after hospitalization, the no to the event for D’Orazio: “It seems unthinkable but I can’t”


Dodi Battaglia, after hospitalization, the no to the event for D’Orazio: “It seems unthinkable but I can’t”
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Dodi Battaglia has been discharged from the hospital where he had been hospitalized for a health problem and has announced that he will not be at the event in memory of D’Orazio in September.

Dodi Battaglia (Bianchi / LoDebole / LaPresse)

Dodi Battaglia will not take part in the event on September 25th in memory of Stefano D’Orazio. He communicated it himself with a long post on Facebook where, in these days, he is also updating his public on his health conditions following a health problem that forced him to be admitted to the ‘San Pio’ hospital in Castellaneta (Taranto) where he was discharged on August 14, thanking all the staff: “I would like to thank Doctor Pepe and all his collaborators at the San Pio di Castellaneta hospital for welcoming me with great care, for taking care of me with exemplary attention and professionalism” .

The former Pooh musician had spoken of an intoxication and he had gone to the hospital of whose Oncology department he was testimonial a few years ago.This is the reason why, as reported by Ansa, Battaglia decided to go to that hospital for treatment. But between a post thanking the doctors and one in which he warned fans of the recovery of the dates that he was forced to skip due to these health problems, Battaglia also made it known that due to urgent family commitments he will not be able to be present at the ‘event to be held on September 25th in memory of Stefano D’Orazio, the former Pooh who died due to complications due to Covid: “Hello everyone, I understand well that it may be unthinkable but, despite all my efforts to move the urgent family commitments that I have from 20 to the end of September, I will not be able to be present at the event dedicated to my brother Stefano on 25 September “.

In fact, in a month’s time, the “Stefano!” which will be held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. Battaglia explains that the date was communicated to him last May, when the calendar was already full “and moving certain commitments that involve more people abroad as in my case is not easy, believe me. I am very saddened by this, especially after the affection that Stefano himself showed me by participating in the ‘Dodi Day’ in Bellaria Igea Marina a few years ago. I will support the whole operation and as promised to Tiziana, for this eventuality I was also at the head of the world I will have all those who that evening there will be a video of greeting and good wishes for the success of the event “.

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September 25 was one of the few occasions in which it would have been possible to see the Poohs again together since Roby Facchinetti, Red Canzian and Riccardo Fogli will also be present: “Surely for the occasion many would have liked to see Pooh play together. Now this is not possible due to an artistic and a priori choice of the evening, as has already been said and reiterated. . I hope that the fact that many artist friends will be present to duet with my colleagues is a minimum of relief for this lack. I embrace you all dearly, I want you a world of good. Italy in early October. HAPPY STEFANO !! MY BROTHER !! ALWAYS !!! “.

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