Don Matteo 13 unattainable but the ending is a tragedy and the protest grows


Don Matteo 13 unattainable but the ending is a tragedy and the protest grows
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Don Matteo 13 never disappoints, even with Don Massimo, aka Raoul Bova, who perfectly entered the part. The second appointment of the week, broadcast on Thursday 19 May, records the audience record as usual. Also thanks to the return of Colonel Anceschi (Flavio Insinna) who finally reconciles with his daughter. But the ending is an almost entirely unexpected tragedy.

Don Matteo 13yet another triumph

The episode of Don Matteo 13, But it is love that makes the family or the family that makes love, available on RaiPlay, marks yet another triumph of the series, gluing 5,816,000 spectators to the small screen, equal to 31.7%. In fact, the adventures of Don Massimo, Marshal Cecchini, Capitana, Natalina and Pippo are unattainable. No one like them can achieve such success.

Now there are only two episodes left at the end of the season which saw the farewell of Terence Hill in the role of Don Matteo and the entry of Raoul Bova that gives the face to Don Massimo. Many pieces of the puzzle come together and it seems that everything goes well, thanks of course to the mediation of the “Priest” who intervenes in the lives of his proteges to fix things, even when hope seems to fail.

Don Matteo 13love and betrayal

Family and love are the two great themes that are addressed in the episode that sees the return of Flavio Insinna, alias Colonel Anceschi. The comparison with his daughter Valentina, played by Emma Valenti, is always difficult. He does not accept the relationship between her and PM Nardi (Maurizio Lastrico) who proves that he truly loves her. But Valentina is experiencing a personal drama, it has to do with a betrayal and an equivocal kiss that puts her engagement at risk. In the end, however, thanks to Cecchini / Nino Frassica who opens his eyes to his friend Anceschi, the situation turns for the best.

Don Matteo 13the tragedy

On the other hand, there is Federico (Mattia Teruzzi) who manages to shed light on his past. He finally discovers who his father is and re-evaluates his mother, rejected by him because she was drugged and considered the cause of all the ills and tragedies that have happened to him and to his brother Clementino. His monologue in front of the cameras of Marzullo, exceptional guest of the fiction, gives a turning point to his story. The family reunites and Don Massimo also finds a house for the three of them where they can start over together. Everything seems to be resolved for the best, serenity has finally arrived, but a tragedy is about to loom: Greta (Giorgia Agata), Federico’s girlfriend, falls to the ground unconscious. Will it be saved?

Meanwhile, on Twitter all the compliments go to Federico / Teruzzi. “Federico is so tough but in reality he has a huge heart and had a crazy glow up. The best purchase of this thirteenth season❤️‍🩹🫂 # DonMatteo13 “. And the protest is raised for the fate of Greta: “If a Federico They also take away Greta from him, I become a beast and no one will be able to stop me ”.

Don Matteo 13when the season finale airs

To know what the fate of the young girl will be, you have to wait the two final episodes of the thirteenth season of Don Matteo. Once again the appointment with Don Massimo and Marshal Cecchini doubles. Don Matteo will air on Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26 May, with a grand finale.


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