Dybala: “I don’t feel betrayed by Inter. Scudetto Roma? It’s early. And against Juve …”


Dybala: “I don’t feel betrayed by Inter. Scudetto Roma? It’s early. And against Juve …”
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Joya’s first official conference in Trigoria: “Great ambitions here, but there are those who are ahead of us”. On the bianconeri: “In March they said I was not part of the project. It wasn’t an economic problem. If I sign against them, I am not happy.”

Paulo Dybala is in Rome to win. In a conference in which the Argentine presents himself in Trigoria with very soft tones, one thing is clear. And he says it himself: “When he called me Mourinho I asked what we were aiming for to win”. The Scudetto? Dybala goes there with lead feet: “I know there is a great desire, but it’s too early to talk about it. Roma have ambition for the future, everyone likes to win and that’s our goal. There are teams ahead of us, but we have to think about every game and work with serenity. But I like to win. Both Mou and the company showed me seriousness, enthusiasm, awareness. Knowing how Roma are building, I didn’t have many doubts about choosing ”.


That’s why, says Dybala, he will bring “experience to keep winning in the Giallorossi locker room. For me it is the first thing. I work to see a Dybala never seen before and I work to find the best condition, I try to take care of all the possible details. Juve conveys the desire to win from the first day, I will try to pass it on to my teammates here to help overcome difficult moments as well. ” Moments that may begin in the future, because now is just the time for love: “I’m curious to see what will happen tonight, I know this is a hot square, I’m waiting to hug the fans.”


Going into the details of the deal, Dybala says: “The clause? I think about the field, application for director and attorneys. I hope the future is happy for everyone. Inter? I have not felt betrayed, since the contract with Juve ended you have talked about some teams more than others. I have a good relationship with Marotta, but when Pinto arrived in Turin, things changed ”. And the end of the relationship with Juventus? This is Dybala’s version: “In the last year I have done well in terms of goals, assists and more, looking at the numbers and considering how injured I was. Arrivabene was very clear: we had an agreement in October, they asked us to wait and in March they said I was not part of the project. It was not an economic problem, the club and the coach decided and I said: ‘If this is your choice, that’s fine for me.’ “In any case, maximum respect for the Bianconeri colors:” If I score against them obviously not I will rejoice “.


From Turin to Rome: “I spoke to Totti, but there was no certainty when we did it at the Eto’o match. He talked to me about Rome very well. The number 10 shirt? The last one who used it, we know who he is, there is a lot of respect, but for me 21 is an important number for the national team. And because I started winning with Juve and now I hope to do it with Roma. Then in the future who knows ”. On the Dybala module he is not unbalanced or even on the possibility of playing with Zaniolo: “I will decide where Mou wants, his call was a huge pleasure, the first time was with the director, then he wrote me suddenly and we heard . I heard from the president, his son, I knew some guys and they all showed that they wanted me. This was very important. Nicolò? We all know what he can give, we talked, the choice is up to him. We all want to have the strongest in the team, but I can’t intrude on his future ”.


GM Tiago Pinto presented Dybala: “Allow me to joke: it is a joy to have Joya. We worked as a team, I thank the owners, the coach who was quite important and all Paulo’s entourage. In these days I discovered his involvement and his empathy with the team. This shows the level of our project, our credibility ”.


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