eFootball 2022, from ugly duckling, is becoming the PES we all loved – SpazioGames


eFootball 2022, from ugly duckling, is becoming the PES we all loved – SpazioGames
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It still makes you smile to think about the state it was in eFootball 2022 when it was launched on the market. Everything that followed from then on generated hilarity, embarrassment and contributed to that feeling of enormous distrust that still hovers around Konami todaywhich is traveling at full speed with other businesses outside the video game market.

But how do you distribute a game under these conditions?Was the common demand of players and employees of the sector. Sometimes it happens with other products as well and it is becoming a bad trend, but this is another matter that is not the case here. In any case, post-launch patches are always a blessingand often act as a parachute or as an excuse for those developers who inside themselves believe they can fix even overt disasters in the running.

The genesis of eFootball 2022, which for the first time changes its skin and becomes a free-to-play by eliminating forever the formula of the annual release, probably could not be painless. Konami knew it and basically everyone should have expected it, if we consider that it is clearly a transitional phase useful for finding solidity over time.

Not many believed, however, that the improvements in weight would come in earnest, and that all in all the software house was telling the truth when it asserted that it was necessary some time to see the fruits of one’s work.

Yes, eFootball 2022 is returning to being PES

When you arrive on the market in such a broken way, with a product that immediately appears very problematic from literally all points of view, the consequences in terms of image and credibility are more often than not so serious as to become a brand that marks indelibly. Today we are here to tell you that this, with eFootball 2022it didn’t happenand that indeed there are all the prerequisites for that series that we all knew how PES can return to its former glory.

While not perfect, the goalkeeper AI has also improved significantly.

We had already talked about it on the occasion of the first substantial update, which in fact fixed the major problems and put the entire project back on the right track (here is our special). Before all this materialized, the players had to suffer a lot, abandoned for a long time while they had in their hands a product that was essentially a problematic and even inconclusive demo.

When you entered the menu there was cosmic nothingness: you could start some impromptu game, accumulate points that were useless, you could not organize anything, you could not participate in real competitions and the certainty was that of being able to take advantage of it in bites and bites in the dead moments of the day.

Then there were windows that could not be selected, as if they together formed a tacit promise linked to contents that would sooner or later arrive; but the months passed and the awareness grew gradually (given Konami’s bad behavior) that the project could even be shipwrecked forever, perhaps with small additions to save what could be saved.

The competitions and a timely schedule have finally arrived.

To this lack of content, eFootball 2022 matched graphic ugliness that have now entered the annals of video game history, with obscene faces from footballers, ridiculous bugs and an AI management that in many situations proved to be suicidal. In short, eFootball 2022legacy of PES which was a sweet memory of millions of fans, he seemed to have died with that last very heavy tombstone.

Yet the gameplay base was there and it was also pretty solid. And we know how the game system is the real flagship of the series, which has never embraced the unrealistic arcade frenzy and has always supported more reasoned rhythmsgiving enormous satisfaction to those who over time managed to master it with grace.

Konami has rebuilt precisely from these foundations, correcting the trademark defects and finally introducing the first real game contents that can be defined as such. Of course, now the company has also introduced ways to monetize, but this was absolutely predictable and we believe that at least for the moment there is a fair balance between the economic needs of Konami and the playful needs of the players.

It is not a pay-to-win and even with a team that still lacks the big shots, if you have achieved a good degree of skill, it is possible to beat those who spend money to have in their dream team some of the best football stars of the present and of the past (by the way, now you can also find the shirts of your favorite players on Amazon).

What has changed and how eFootball 2022 is preparing for the future

The technical disasters have now been solved and we are quite convinced that from year to year, if the project goes well, everything will be further refined until the teasing of the early days becomes just a sad memory.

Beyond the serious technical problems, however, there was much more that was not going exactly the right way. The defensive AI, during the games with the CPU, performed in senseless and very dangerous passes in its own areaopening sensational breaches that players could exploit at all times to make the final score rise in an anomalous way.

Furthermore, the lack of reactivity of the opponents in many game situations was also quite evident, which combined with a few too many delays in midfield, promptly ended up causing sudden reversals. Today this no longer happens and, above all, by selecting the highest difficulty levels you finally have a real challenge, with very attentive, quick and intelligent players.

This may not seem that important, given the arrival of the championship between players with ranked matches, but the truth is that the different satellite events are used to obtain the points useful to improve the squad and sign the best contracts.

The ability to evolve players through experience points and training can make you have a competitive team even without spending real money.

The improvements related to the gameplay also extend to some tweaks that wink at the past, making certain movements of the players less cumbersome. Game after game you will realize how complex it is not to master the whole system of feints and the variables related to passes and shots, even if at the moment the pressure on the ball carrier seemed too effective.

In short, a single button can clearly bypass even the most complex and daring dribbles, but looking in depth, it is not a rule that always applies.

It all depends on the distances, the positioning of the player in relation to the ball and the opponent and the time of action and input. If before the instant pressing was therefore a sentence, today it is certainly less so and it is ultimately an advantage that is reduced every time you encounter high levels of skill.

Clearly there is still a lot to do, such as delayed interventions on the diagonals. Taking control of the player who has to chase the opponent on the wing after a non-straight pass causes a slight delay in the sprint which can be crucial, as if one had to wait for a very short moment for the detachment from an imaginary track.

In conclusion

The first major patch of eFootball 2022 allowed the project to take a huge (and almost unexpected) step forwardwho wiped out the biggest problems that accompanied the heir of PES from launch until a few weeks ago.

The cadence of events that finally manage to involve day after day, a good scheduling, the improvements to the game system and graphics, all combine to give new life to the Konami project, projecting it towards a new phase.

The changes ahead of his rival FIFA which has even lost its own name (read our in-depth analysis), and the intelligent repositioning of eFootball 2022, they open the doors to a new season that could see a clear change of balance. Between the uncertainty that hovers around the series that was EA, and the bridge to the future that eFootball represents, the challenge takes on contours to be discovered.

With the start of the new championship, and with the arrival of new content already announced, the balance of power could change in a very short time.

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