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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising |  Review – From the legacy of Suikoden – SpazioGames
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When we first tested Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising we weren’t completely satisfied. Obviously a test of the first hours of the game could not be enough to adequately judge the potential of the latest effort by Rabbit & Bear and Natsume Atari, but net of the charm of the proposed fantasy setting we had already underlined some – small – doubts.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Exit date:
May 10, 2022
Natsuma Atari
505 Games

Of course, the choice to devote himself to a title that would act as a real one prequel for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes it made clear the need to give broader scope to a summary narrative that wants, at least on paper, to take all the time necessary to add elements and ramifications, to attract the attention of gamers.

Among characters, settings and stories in this chapter only sketched, the idea of ​​slowly setting the pieces of a mosaic still difficult to decipher it is quite difficult to pursue, but to be appreciated from the very point of view.

Arrived at the end credits of Eiyuden Chronicle: Risingin essence, the feeling is that of having only taken the first steps in a much bigger adventure and the daughter of a vision shaped in the medium-long term, but which despite all the efforts has not been able to fully express its full potential.

The life of the adventurer

As anticipated, the story of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising throws players into a fantasy universe that is one of the most classic for the roleplaying genre – between heroes, adventurers, legends, dark forces that plot in the shadows and ancient mysteries to shed light on.

The triptych of protagonists composed of CJ, Garoo and Isha will find themselves working together to help the city-colony of New Neveah to thrive, while in parallel it will carry out some strictly personal objectives, more and more important as the hours of play go on.

If you think about it, the team of heroes amalgamates and works quite wellwith well-diversified personalities – as far as they may already know – that emerge during the various on-screen dialogues, but don’t expect a story with deep or branching themes.

The plot, in fact, for better or for worse, maintains a certain basic linearity and simplicity that rarely stepped on the accelerator, outlining the contours of a narrative that, however accessible and pleasant in its resolution, managed to convince us up to a certain point. point.

As regards, however, the speech longevity we took a dozen hours to reach the credits, completing a good number of secondary missions related to the evolution of the town; a duration to be considered appropriate considering what has been specified in the previous paragraph on the qualitative front, and which if more extended would have only risked emphasizing some shortcomings.

Wandering around Nuova Neveah means helping as many citizens as possible.

Fight, help and build

From the point of view of mere gameplay Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising presents itself as a sparkling 2D scrolling adventure, where the clashes against multiple enemies of various kinds are the masters for most of the time. All without overshadowing the growth of city ​​that acts as a real hub between missionsand to which the upgrades of our fearless heroes are closely linked.

For the fights we believe we can confirm the good sensations highlighted during the previous test, and with all three characters on the screen it is possible to chain attacks with a fair rate of spectacle. CJ is a skilled warrior who should be used assiduously for the movements of the whole team and standard attacks considering her greater speed, while using Garoo and Isha respectively for heavy attacks and spells from a distance – with the press of two other buttons controller – useful combos are generated against tougher opponents.

The various dungeons are quite branched, but don’t expect who knows what level design.

The result of this choice for the clashes of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising it works immediately, but going forward in the adventure, facing increasingly stronger and more numerous enemies, generates some perplexities.

THE movements during the clashes are quite woody and trying to dodge attacks from all directions can be a bit frustrating; the three characters have, in fact, different evasive maneuvers but relegated to the same button, and this requires some excessive effort with the commands to use the correct dodge and with the right timing – a choice that, especially against some boss or more demanding situation, does not may not make you turn up your nose.

The title, however, remains extremely accessible and also suitable for newcomers to the genre; considering his arrival in the Game Pass catalog since day one (we recommend this three-month subscription on Amazon) we are sure that several aficionados of Microsoft’s service will be able to give him some chance.

For the growth of the city of New Neveah it is instead necessary to satisfy the continuous requests of inhabitants, traders or adventurers who – mission after mission – will crowd the various urban sections.

There will be moments where you can squeeze your brains out in some small environmental puzzle.

We admit that the idea works discreetly to invite you to focus on the progress of the characters and for the (solo) slight grindingbut above all because it leads to the creation and enhancement of buildings useful to buy better equipment, as well as potions or runes for elemental attacks, without forgetting other potions or some accessories that instead give the most classic bonuses during combat.

A city builder structure that works and which consistently supports the progression of the main plot, without ever distracting excessively from it.

The downside, however, is an indigestible repetitiveness of the secondary questswhere in many cases one is forced to return to areas seen and reviewed to collect some material or a handful of objects.

A pin pong between the various areas of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising emphasized by sections that do not particularly shine under the aspect of the level designand where various missions are characterized exclusively by a handful of dialogues to find a missing child or ask for simple advice literally in the adjacent street, with rather trivial implications.

There is certainly no shortage of hot situations.

From a technical point of view, the final result is all in all good. To appreciate the various settingswith a refined style especially in the frames that form the background to our passage, as well as the design of the various characters during the dialogues, which allows pleasant lines and contours to emerge.

Sore point, however, concerns the animations which – despite some small improvements compared to the first test – from the simplest movements do not appear as natural as hoped, putting the player in difficulty especially during the fights.

Version reviewed: PC

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