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Elenoire Ferruzzi, competitor of the Big Brother Vip of this edition, the seventh to be exact, before being the bombastic icon of the LGBTQ + community, he was a man. Thanks to very targeted treatments, the woman began a process of transformation from a very young age. And now she peeks out from her past a photo of her when she was little more than a boy … Of a shocking beauty! Have you ever seen it?

A photo has now appeared that portrays the competitor of the GF Vip Elenoire Ferruzzi in her past when she still had male features. Here – therefore – some more details about the woman’s past, when that is it was Massimo.

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Surely one of the competitors that most attracts the attention of the decidedly very numerous viewers of this edition of Big Brother Vipled by the bubbly Alfonso Signorini è Elenoire Ferruzzi. Explosive breasts, very high cheekbones, full lips, false eyelashes with very long blond hair and – above all – her very long nails – about 14 cm – always lacquered in bright red which are – in short – his undisputed “trademark”.

The woman – in the name of her remarkable frankness – has never, ever made any secret of having resorted to plastic surgery to be able to become what he has always wanted, also in the name of his enormous determination that still distinguishes it today and that has allowed it to survive even in the face of the wickedness of the people, since it was still a boy, and was little more than a child.

Before it was Massimo

Right in the presentation clip for the father of all reality shows, Ferruzzi said: ”The my first name was Massimo, but Massimo and Elenoire are practically the same person. I was a little girl in a wrong body, I did not want my life to be a lie and I have always cared highly of the judgment of others. It takes courage to make your dreams come true, especially when the dream comes true is to become a diva“. The transformation path of Elenoire it was definitely very complex and very demanding, especially on a social level.

People did not understand, or rather, he did not want to understand his needs and his choicedecidedly strong and courageous, where she – instead – found the support of her beloved and beloved mother who also made her – recently – a very sweet surprise, showing up on the show to greet her.

Also from an early age, as he told in a recent interview with the magazine Whoshe was object of mockery and the target of ridicule and very heavy jokes by the so-called bullies. That is why today he fights with a lot of passion and keen interest on the front line against homotransphobia.

She underwent a vaginal surgery

As Elenoire said, despite being a beautiful boy, her dream was to become a woman. In addition to hormonal treatments, she underwent -pure- ad a vaginaplastic operation. In this regard, she said: “More than twenty years ago I was on a bed for 12 hours of anesthesia for a vaginoplasty and I should be compared to a person who has never undertaken a hormonal path and claims to have gender dysphoria? But go fuck yourself! Keep putting lipstick on your mustache ”.

After this outburst, definitely very hard and sincere, he then added in slightly calmer tones: “My vaginoplasty cost pain and sweat, as well as a lot of physical and human sacrifice. I’m sorry but I can’t be compared to a guy who puts lipstick on his beard and he says he suffers from gender dysphoria but go fuck yourself ”. From the series, “clear pacts, long friendship …”

What did Elenoire Ferruzzi look like as a man?
Here is a photograph of Elenoire Ferruzzi when she was still “Massimo”

In short, the Ferruzzi despite proving to be a real lioness on video she has suffered a lot in the course of her life and does not want to deny or hide it because it would be false, unfair and not in keeping with the his way of being and to his role that he plays with infinite love and lots and lots of pride. And it is also for this reason that she is much loved even today.

Today she is a woman but who in the past was a beautiful young man, as we can amply see from the shot that she took around the ether in no time at all: long hair, raven blacks, piercing gaze and dark eyes.

But now she wants to be of help to those who, like her, do not feel well in the body in which they were born and who do not have their great courage, a decidedly fundamental element to implement such a delicate and important changeof which today she is very proud.

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