Elton John’s farewell tour arrives in Italy: 50,000 greet him at San Siro


Elton John’s farewell tour arrives in Italy: 50,000 greet him at San Siro
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“Buonasera” he said in Italian, “happy” – he then added, also in Italian – of “this very special night” since it is the last in Italy. “We will try to have the best” she concluded, before returning to the plan.

A promise, that of the “very special evening”, that Sir Elton John kept with the 50 thousand who filled the San Siro stadium in Milan, which returned to host a show after almost three years of blocking (the last was that of Muse in July 2019) due to the pandemic. With a stage surrounded by a yellow brick road (the ones that give the title to his song and farewell tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road), a band of five musicians and three huge led walls it was enough for him to sit on the piano and do the first agreements of Bennie and the Jets to drive the audience crazy.

And there was no lack of his workhorses such as “Philadelphia Freedom” or “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” dedicated to Aretha Franklin who “was the greatest influence on my way of playing the piano and not only”. Elton John explained. Or the poignant “Have Mercy to the Criminal”, have mercy on the criminal with the percussion that sounds like bullet shots. Immediately after, the visual and sound effects are those of a rocket take-off for Rocket Man. Effects to which the public also contributes by lighting the torches of their mobile phones as if they were stars in the stands.

Sneakers in red sequins, tight just as sequined, Elton walks the stage to greet the fans amid screams, perhaps not at supersonic speed. But to achieve that, just go back to the piano for “Take Me to the Pilot” and then continue with what, he explains, is one of his favorite songs, “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”. And you want to tell people to dance standing while standing in front of their place on the lawn, when the rhythm of “Levon” arrives the temptation to get up and dance under the stage is irresistible.

Then Marilyn appears on screen for Candle in the Wind but it is impossible not to think about the version of the same song dedicated to Princess Diana after her death. Especially today that Sir Elton, in addition to performing for the first and last time at San Siro, also recorded a performance for the concert to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II. Then put on a pink suit with contrasting sequins,
Elton leaves for the second part of the concert.

And it is a moment to burn (on video) the plan with “Burn Down the Mission”. A moment to say “Italy thanks” and then off with “Sad Song” which transforms San Siro into a dance floor. “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” precedes “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” dedicated “to the friend who introduced me to Milan Gianni Versace, to his sister Donatella, who is still a friend, and to Alessandro Michele who made these clothes for Gucci “.

Images of his career pass, including when the Queen named him sir with ‘I’m still standing’. And of course Elton John is still standing and dedicating “Crocodile Rock” and then “Saturday Night’s Alighieri for Fighting” to his fans. Encore with the latest hit “Cold Heart” with thanks to Dua Lipa because “at 76 it is wonderful to have a number one”. And end with a whole stage singing “Your Song”.

“This is one of the nights that I will never forget. It is my thirteenth in Milan and the 77th and last in Italy. Thank you on the love you have dedicated to me. I love you and I will keep you in my heart. Goodbye” said also with the last song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” before being lifted by a freight elevator and disappearing into the scenography.

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