European women’s 2022, Italy, shock debut: France wins 5-1


European women’s 2022, Italy, shock debut: France wins 5-1
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France-Italy, a match valid for the first day of group D of the 2022 European Women’s Championships, ended with a score of 5-1 at the New York Stadium in Rotherham. The goals, all in the first half, by Geyoro (hat-trick), Katoto and Cascarino were decisive. In the second half the goal from Piedmont. An immediate downhill race for the transalpine team, who found and surprised the Azzurri from the very first minutes. Bertolini’s team was overwhelmed in the first half and was unable to find countermeasures to the French physical and technical superiority. Good reaction in the second half, with the Piedmont network, but by now the French had saved energy for the next matches. Italy will play the second match on Thursday at 18 against Iceland, for France there is Belgium.

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The scoreboard of France-Italy 5-1 (5-0 pt)

FRANCE (4-3-3): Peyraud-Magnin; PĂ©risset, Renard, Tounkara, Karchaoui (From 42 ‘st Baltimore); Geyoro (From 22 ‘st Dali), Bilbault, Toletti; Diani (From 33 ‘st Bacha), Katoto (From 33’ st Sarr), Cascarino (From 22 ‘st Malard). Available: Chavas, Palis, Torrent, Mateo, Lerond, Mbock Bathy, Cissoko. Ct Diacre

ITALY (4-3-3): Giuliani; Bartoli, Gama, Linari, Boattin; Caruso (From 29 ‘st Piedmont), Giugliano (From 1’ st Simonetti), Galli (From 1 ‘st Rosucci); Bergamaschi, Girelli (from 13 ‘st Giacinti), Bonansea (from 36’ st Di Guglielmo). Available: Schroffenegger, Durante, Lenzini, Sabatino, Bonfantini, Filangeri.Ct Bertolini

Referee: Rebecca Welch (England)

NETWORKS: 9 ‘, 40’ and 45 ‘Geyoro (F), 12’ Katoto (F), 38 ‘Cascarino (F), 31’ st Piemonte (I)

Ammonite: Boattin, Simonetti, Gama

Note: spectators 8541.

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The chronicle in 9 key moments

4 ‘- Super opportunity for Italy. Bonansea enters the area and kicks from the inside right low shot at the near post: a huge foot intervention by Peyraud-Magnin is needed to avoid the blue advantage.

9 ‘- GEYORO! GOAL! Goal of France. 1-0. Diani breaks through on the right, crosses inside, badly rejects Gama, Geyoro arrives on the tap-in and bags with his right.

12 ‘- KATOTO! GOAL! 2-0 France! Italy punished again. This time on the left he crosses Cascarino, Giuliani intervenes badly, mocked by a deviation and for Katoto it is a girl’s game to bag.

15 ‘- KATOTO’s pole. Dominates Diani on the right, flies away, crosses Cascarino’s tower for Katoto, who deflects weakly with his head and hits the post.

38 ‘- CASCARINO! GOAL! WHAT A GOAL! 3-0 France. From the left, he returns to the right and unloads an impregnable shot.

40 ‘- GEYORO! GOAL! 4-0. Double. Katoto makes the bank and sends in Geyoro, who jumps over Giuliani and bags. 4-0 FRANCE.

45 ‘- GOAL! AND THERE ARE 5 FOR FRANCE. Geyoro again! Triplet for the transalpine midfielder who recovers the ball on the blue trocar and widens for Toletti who returns the ball to her in the center of the area: Geyoro opens the right plate and scores the fifth French goal.

76 ‘- PIEDMONT! GOAL! Goal of the flag of Italy. Perfect cross from Boattin and Piedmont deadlift. 1-5.

The best

Grace GEYORO – The PSG midfielder dominates. Three goals, one different from the other. With technique, timing, physicality. Elegant and concrete player.

The worst

Sara GAMA – Captain in full shipwreck. Katoto embarrasses her. Late on three of the five goals. In the second half she enters very hard on Geyoro, she deserves the red, but is pardoned by the VAR. Disastrous evening.

The statistics

Italy conceded five first-half goals in a first-half finals for the first time in their history.

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