European women’s football, Italy-France, Piedmont scores a goal for the blues Direct 1-5


European women’s football, Italy-France, Piedmont scores a goal for the blues Direct 1-5
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from Andrea Sereni, correspondent in Rotherham, and Sport Editor

Disastrous first half of the blue, too many mistakes in midfield and defense

10:47 pm – Nosebleed for Boattin

Nosebleed for the blue forced to seek medical attention on the sidelines

22:34 – Italy-France: 1-5, goal from Piedmont

Boattin’s cross and winning header from the newly entered Piedmont

22:32 – Linari early

Opportunity for Italy, with Bonansea putting in from the bottom line for Linari, who is anticipated at the last second

10:31 pm – Outside Caruso in Piedmont

Italy now has 4 forwards

10:21 pm – Sara Gama pardoned by the Var

Blue who are likely to remain in 10. Sara Gama is anticipated by Geyoro, high leg of the blue who hits the opponent in the side. The referee expels her, the Var to recall the referee who decides to give the blue only a yellow

10:11 pm – Opportunity for Boattin

Peyraud-Magnin rejects a cross from Girelli, pulls Boattin, just out

10:07 pm – Bergamaschi header, out

Bonansea’s header, Bergamaschi’s header, ball out

10:04 pm – Katoto’s counterattack

The French attacker from a good position misses the last pass

22:00 – In the field Rosucci and Simonetti, off to the second half

Change between the blue lines in the field Rosucci and Simonetti outside Galli and Giugliano

21:47 – End of the first half. Italy-France: 0-5

First time to forget for the blue

21:46 – Italy-France: 0-5, third goal by Geyoro

Toletti crosses from our right, Geyoro hits the fly and bags

9:43 pm – Miracle of Giuliani

Our # 1 avoids the goal with a great save on Katoto

21:41 – Italy-France 0-4: Geyoro still scores

Italy is not there, Geyoro takes the ball, discards three blue, the goalkeeper and scores

21:39 – Italy-France: 0-3, goal by Cascarino

Cascarino’s masterpiece, great shot from outside and goals

21:36 – Giuliani comes out on Cascarino

Our goalkeeper forced to sprint forward to be able to anticipate the French winger.

21:28 – Counterattack by Diani, stopped by the blue

Launch from the defense, Diani flies, is reached in the area discards Gama and Bergamaschi, but then the blue remedies

21:23 – Cascarino very close to 3-0

Touch the French door that touches the post to the right of Giuliani.

21:19 – Geyoro touches the 3-0

Another shot by Katoto on the left, cross in the area, the touch of Geyoro just outside.

9:16 pm – Katoto’s post on a header

The Azzurri defense is still in crisis, our players hit a cross, Katoto hits his head and takes the post

9.15 pm – Blue in difficulty

Disastrous start of our midfield and our defense. The goals of the transalpines are born from two mistakes.

21:13 – Italy-France 0-2: Katoto doubles

Action on the left of France cross in the area badly rejects Giuliani and Katoto bags.

9:08 pm – Italy-France 0-1, goal by Geyoro

French ahead with Geyoro. The blues lose a ball in midfield, the action develops on the right wing, crosses into the area, collects Geyoro who stops, shoots and scores.

21:05 – An opportunity for Bonansea

Our striker finds herself on the counterattack alone in front of the goalkeeper, parrying Peyraud-Magnin

9:03 pm – First chance for France

The Blues launch Toletti alone in the area, Giuliani discards but then moves too far and fails to conclude

21:01 – Corner kick, Katoto gets stuck

First corner for the French ball in the area to Katoto who gets the ball torn

21:00 – Italy-France begins

Race to start, Italy in the white jersey.

8:57 pm – Italian anthem

The blues sing at the top of their voices the anthem of Italy, the song of the Italians.

8.41 pm – Half empty stadium

Little public so far at Rotherham stadium. The tension between the blues rises.

8:09 pm – Draw between Belgium and Iceland in the other match of the Italy group

In the other group D challenge, the one that also sees Italy and France, Belgium drew 1-1 with Iceland in Manchester. Iceland’s Berglind Thorvaldsdottir, who missed a penalty in the 33rd minute, gave Iceland the lead in the 50th minute. Belgium’s Justine Vanhaevermaet then equalized, from a penalty in the 67th minute.

7:51 pm – Official formations

These are the official formations:
France (4-3-3): Peyraud-Magnin; Prisset, Karchaoui, Renard, Tounkara; Geyoro, Bilbault, Toletti; Diani, Katoto, Cascarino. Ct Diacre
Italy (4-3-3): Giuliani; Bartoli, Gama, Linari, Boattin; Caruso, Giugliano, Galli; Bergamaschi, Girelli, Bonansea. Coach Bertolini

6:53 pm – Last training doubts

(Andrea Sereni, sent to Rotherham) Only one real question of formation for the Bertolini coach: who in attack together with Girelli and Bonansea? Standing the candidacy of Hyacinthsbut remains slightly favored Bergamaschi, which would ensure greater coverage. With her in the field, in the defensive phase the blues could line up with a 4-4-2, with Bergamaschi left-handed outside in midfield. Italy would be more offensive with Giacinti. It can be a solution to be used during the tender.

6:19 pm – Tactical review for the blues

(Andrea Sereni, sent to Rotherham) Morning of rest for the blue. Concentration, a quick tactical review, closed in the retreat of Sheffield. The only distraction: a stroll through the narrow streets of central England, just minutes from Rotherham and the New York Stadium, where tonight they will make their debut in the European Championship against France. The arrival at the girls’ stadium is expected at 7.30 pm, an hour and a half before the kick-off.

5:39 pm – Corinne Diacre, France coach: It will be a close match

France coach Corinne Diacre believes that for her players, who start favorites against the blue, the match will be difficult: All are well both mentally and physically. We are now starting another competition. We need to reset the counters. We are facing a team, like the other two in the group, at the same level as ours. It’s up to us to stay focused. I hope in an open match. I think it will be a close match.

14:17 – Blue at 12 participation in the tournament (with two finals)

Italy – with Norway – one of the two national teams that have taken part in several editions of the women’s European championship (12, including this one). The blue never won the tournament: the best result was 2nd place in 1993 and 1997.

13:37 – Covid, Groenen (Netherlands) also positive

Meanwhile, Covid is still hitting the Europeans. Manchester United’s Dutch midfielder Jackie Groenen, who played on Saturday against Sweden (1-1), tested positive and placed in isolation. You may be reinstated if you can produce a negative test in the absence of symptoms.
Since Wednesday, when the tournament got underway, several positive cases have been announced. Lotte Wubben-Moy, defender of the English national team and Arsenal, who played on the bench against Austria (1-0) had to leave the withdrawal of the Leonesse, who had already had problems with the reserve goalkeeper Ellen White. Not to mention Cernoia, which we have already mentioned.
During the women’s Euro pre-match tests are not mandatory.
As per regulation, positive cases must be isolated but postponements of matches are not possible as long as the national teams have 13 players (including a goalkeeper) at their disposal.

12:40 pm – Where to see the game

11:00 – The best players: from Hegerberg to Rnard, from Bronze to Girelli

09:20 – Probable formations

Rotherham, 9pm
(4-3-3): Peyraud-Magnin; Prisset, Karchaoui, Mbock Bathy, Torrent; Mateo, Bilbaut, Toletti; Diani, Katoto, Cascarino. Ct: Diacre.
Italy (4-3-3): Giuliani; Bartoli, Gama, Linari, Boattin; Caruso, Giugliano, Galli; Bergamaschi, Girelli, Bonansea. Coach: Bertolini.
TOreferee: Rebecca Welch (England)
TV: 9 pm, Rai 1, Sky.

09:18 – At 18 Belgium-Iceland

In our group, Group D, Belgium-Iceland will be played at 18.00. Appointment at Manchester City Academy Stadium. In particular, all eyes are on Sara Bjrk Gunnarsdttir, 31-year-old Juventus midfielder.

09:18 – Giuliani’s pebbles with those who evicted her from Juventus

Who certainly will not miss Laura Giuliani. You have a few pebbles to take off, our doorman. On the other side of the pitch she will see Peyraud-Magnin, the Frenchwoman who took her place at Juventus. She went to Milan, in the season in direct clashes she has always had to bow her head. You have other ideas today. She screams into the sun setting over Rotherham, she charges her companions. France is scary, but Italy wants to dream. Again, better and more than before.

09:17 – The experience of Galli from the Premier and the brain of Caruso

The tension is the right one – adds captain Gama -. We bring with us the wonderful experience of the World Cup. Here we need to field something more. He is right. The level of this tournament is very high. Of the top eight at France 2019, seven were European. It takes courage and sacrifice, adds Bertolini, who hides the cards a little. She has to give up Cernoia, not one hundred percent positive at Covid, and for this reason she remained at the British headquarters in Blackburn. In her place there should be Galli, the only blue player who does not play in Serie A (she moved to Everton). With her in midfield Giugliano, the 10th of Roma, and Caruso, the brain of Juventus who grew up in the myth of Totti. Doubts, we said: there are none in defense, Gama-Linari to keep the nightmare at bay Katoto (the 9th of France), Bartoli and Boattin on the flanks. In attack Milena should launch Bergamaschi (and not Giacinti) with Girelli and Bonansea, but she will decide today.

08:54 – Who are the blue: Giuliani, Gama, Bonansea, Girelli and the others

08:53 – Italy has not beaten super France since 2000

There is immediately a mountain to climb. Corinne Diacre’s national team is one of the favorites of the tournament. Third in the Fifa ranking, physical, powerful, complete: to find the last Azzurri victory against their cousins ​​from beyond the Alps, we have to go back to 2000. It seems like an era ago. Women’s football in Italy had to wait this year to get to professionalism. Real contracts, for all players, at least in Serie A. Better late than never. Of course we have to chase. France is one of the countries that preceded us, and in fact has one of the strongest club teams (Lyon, champion in six of the last seven Champions League) as well as a rich national team. We can’t wait to start – says coach Bertolini, a little tense, very serious at the press conference -. France a complete team. We will face it as a group, with attention and tactical order.

08:51 – Italy’s European at the start, the blue want to dream

They want to dream. The blue girls have grown up but they don’t stop getting excited. The World Cup is a sweet memory, a starting point: the quarter-finals, the beautiful and impossible victories, a team that amazes everyone. Gama and her companions joke together, laugh as they enter Rotherham’s New York Stadium. They warm up the muscles, close their eyes, imagine it full. Today it will be: France-Italy, our European Championship begins.

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