Eurovision 2022, Malgioglio’s cult phrases, from J.Lo discount to the song to play when the disco is closed


Eurovision 2022, Malgioglio’s cult phrases, from J.Lo discount to the song to play when the disco is closed
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The Eurovision commentator convinced everyone with his cruel but hilarious phrases. And on Rai1, live, he sent a message against homophobia

Among those who drove the Eurovision public – at least the Italian one – crazy is Cristiano Malgioglio. The commentator of the kermesse, together with Gabriele Corsi and Carolina di Domenico, made the difference with his spontaneity and phrases that were a mix of inhuman cruelty and irony, which, not surprisingly, became small cult in television pop culture. Very ready, he has churned out author’s judgments at the speed of light. Like when, at the end of the performance of the singer from the Czech Republic, he said: If I were a DJ I would only play this song after the club has closed. Or, referring to the performance of the Spanish Chanel, he commented: a discount version of Jennifer Lopez, for the song suitable for summer beaches. Then commenting on the passage from Moldova, which talks about a journey by train, you said: I would do the journey with them, and then afterwards I throw myself out of the window. While to the Romanian she said: If I had sung her song with my sensuality the world would have exploded. Or relentless with the Finns Rasmus: I would have preferred not to listen to them then they don’t even have a turtle. Unlike the Estonian neighbor who rejected the song: but he is a handsome guy.

The tiles on the artists

Guillotines on the artists given away for with such a suave tone that it is impossible to take offense. But also exaggerated declarations of love, such as those addressed screaming at her love Sam Ryder: I love it, he was constantly shouting from the microphones of Rai1, as if he were in a listening group made up of friends in the living room of his house. But the beauty, after all, just that. This is what made his participation in Eurovision so effective frantic race on the ridge of the slip, of the excess, which the singer managed to accomplish at great speed but never losing his balance. And so, the fact that he has had boyfriends in every country has become a catchphrase: I am unfaithful by nature and will have a place in hell. I also had a boyfriend in Croatia, you know? Why can’t I have it? and again, to the question: Are there more countries at Eurovision or Malgioglio’s boyfriends ?. The answer was ready: Love I have touched all the lands of the world.

The ultras cheering, then, become spontaneity, the merciless phrases (this hideous look or the terrible song were given away here and there) were the moment of lightness. And his promises also turned out to be viral: It won’t be easy to have an encore this year, after the Maneskin victory. But if Mahmood and Blanco win fashion shows in bra and thong. Not only. Malgioglio on Rai1, connected to a potentially exterminated audience, also sent more than one message, also becoming serious, just once: when he talked about homosexuality, explaining in extremely simple and blunt language how difficult it can still be for a homosexual person to feel accepted by a too often backward society. It seems obvious, but when so many people listen to you, nothing is.

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