Eurovision 2022, top and flop: sensational Achille Lauro eliminated, Israel tries with Cattelan. Pausini-Mika elegant duet. Here are the countries promoted – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Eurovision 2022, top and flop: sensational Achille Lauro eliminated, Israel tries with Cattelan.  Pausini-Mika elegant duet.  Here are the countries promoted – Il Fatto Quotidiano
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Has been the elegant duet of Laura Pausini and Mikahomage to peace, with “Fragile” by Sting and “People Have The Power” by Patti Smith, the spearhead of the second Eurovision Song Contest semifinal. Overwhelming Alessandro Cattelan who first opened the show with a monologue on the ability of Italians to always solve situations and a small quote from the film “Birdman”, then he went wild with the corps de ballet on stage. In a great event like Eurovision Cattelan is in the “of him” of him and the proximity of Pausini and Mika has allowed him to measure himself in the right way. Good boy. To report Laura Pausini’s homage to Sanremo Festival with a video tailored by the Eurovision authors. Several singers appear from Toto Cutugno to Al Bano and Romina, from the Elii to the guest Ghali who falls (pretending) to the Maneskin. Because “Sanremo is Sanremo”. The elimination of Achille Lauro was sensational with San Marino from the race.

So the ten countries promoted from the second semifinal to the grand final on Saturday 14 May are: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Sweden, Romania and Serbia. To these are added the ten already promoted in the first semifinal: Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands. Finally, on Saturday the Big Five Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain also enter the race.

Finland with i The Rasmus in great shape in “Jezebel” on stage mention the balloon and the raincoat of “IT”, cult book by Stephen King. It is not a horror exhibition indeed. A serious rock. Amazing Michael Ben David who with “IM” and an out of the ordinary charisma tries to bring home an excellent placement for his Israel. The song isn’t great but it has a personality that covers the gaps. Konstrakta for Serbia lan important message on the mental health of artists and not only with “In Corpore Sano”. Emma Muscat between piano, choreography and dancers catapult us with Malta and its “I Am What I Am” in a musical atmosphere. The mechanical bull all for Achille Lauro who goes wild with partner Boss Doms (and kisses him as usual) in “Stripper” (certainly not his best song) representing San Marino. It’s Achille show and he knows how to do it well. Andrea of ​​the North Macedonia with “Circles” she also proposes a ballad but with a really interesting and recognizable voice. The summer hit of this edition is given to us by WRS of Romania with the disturbing and danceable “Llámame“. The bel canto of Poland sent Ochman forward with “River”. Convincing. A bit of healthy soul with Belgium represented by Jérémie Makiese and “Miss You”. Exquisitely 90s pop with Cornelia Jakobs in “Hold Me Closer” for Sweden. Czech Republic unleashed with the band We Are Domi and “Lights Off”, excellent closing of the group of 18 with electro-pop. Always pleasant.

L’Azerbaijan with Nadir Rustamli in “Fade To Black” he proposes a retro melodrama between various high notes. An old song of immediate sleep. Circus Mircus for the Georgia proposes “Lock Me In”, a nonsense performance between look and twisted arrangement. Australia churns out the giant (and boring) ballatona to hit the audience from home and televoting with Sheldon Riley – with a look inspired by Miss Ketha – and “Not The Same”. A little Venus and a little pop queen Cipro brings Andromache to the stage with the forgettable “Ela, but at a very high altitude“ awakening of the senses ”straight. A riot of trashy hearts for theIreland which brought Brooke to the stage with “That’s Rich”, a song that certainly does not stand out for its originality. Stefan ofEstonia with “Hope” he seems to have come out of a Sergio Leone western film, then from the chorus he is unleashed with a song that will not remain in the memory of the most beautiful songs of Eurovision. The Montenegro with Vladana and his “Breathe” does not fly off, a slow and difficult song to listen to. Shot of sleep. L’Israeli Michael Ben David it also ends up in our flops due to the foray of a “crazy horse” in the midst of the conductors at the moment of the opening of the televoting. Many have noticed that the singer remained clinging to Cattelan the whole time with a kiss (on the cheek) printed to say goodbye. Finally, a firm condemnation for cell phones that blocked the direction of Emma Muscat’s performance.

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