Eurovision, after Emma Muscat comes Achille Lauro’s turn: lineup and guests. The direct


Eurovision, after Emma Muscat comes Achille Lauro’s turn: lineup and guests.  The direct
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Another 18 countries competing for the final on Saturday. Il Volo superospiti, performance by Alessandro Cattelan and final duet by Mika and Laura Pausini

Second semifinal for the Eurovision Song Contest, live on Rai1 from the PalaOlimpico in Turin (scheduled to end at 11.15 pm): 10 other countries are announced that will access the final on Saturday 14 May. This evening 18 competitors take the stage (here the top 10 qualified countries and here the report cards of the first semifinal). The evening opens with a monologue by Alessandro Cattelan and closes with a duet between the other two conductors, Mika and Laura Pausiniguests The flight. For the Italian publicno

concentrated attention
on Achille Lauro
competing for San Marino.

Here is the lineup of the artists, with the relative songs, in order of performance:

Finland: The Rasmus – Jezebel
Israel: Michael Ben David – IM
Serbia: Konstrakta – In Corpore Sano
Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli – Fade To Black
Georgia: Circus Mircus – Lock Me In
Malta: Emma Muscat – I Am What I Am
San Marino: Achille Lauro – Stripper
Australia: Sheldon Riley – Not The Same
Cyprus: Andromache – Ela
Ireland: Brooke – That’s Rich
North Macedonia: Andrea – Circles
Estonia: Stefan – Hope
Romania: WRS – Llmame
Poland: Ochman – River
Montenegro: Vladana – Breathe
Belgium: Jrmie Makiese – Miss You
Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer
Czech Republic: We Are Domi – Lights Off

22:27 – Elettropop from the Czech Republic

Last competitors in the race, the Czech We Are Domi make the audience dance with the electropop of Lights off. The song is already heard, the guitarist plays using the bow like Sigur Ros, but it is not heard

22:23 – Sweden and the support of the public

The Swedish Cornelia Jakobs sings Hold me closer supported by continuous ovations from the audience. She comes from a family of musicians and shows off the charm of a seasoned diva, combined with a scratchy voice

22:19 – Football and music from Belgium

Silver jacket, bleached hair, the Belgian singer Jeremie Makiese, but also a professional footballer. Its Miss You in English and has a (finally) contemporary soul-r’n’b sound

10:15 pm – Montenegro sings in Italian

Drama and pathos for Vladana from Montenegro with her Breathe: the ending in Italian, the piece recalls opera arias in Il Volo style and sounds a bit dated

22:12 – A ballad from Poland

Poland participates with Ochman, a singer-songwriter who won The Voice at home and who actually shows off a remarkable vocal range (perhaps betrayed a little by emotion), dressed in an elegant suit and surrounded by four dancers. His River a ballad that immediately conquers Malgioglio, also tonight committed to listing the ex-boyfriends and coveting the competitors

10:06 pm – Air of Spain from Romania

singer, but also WRS dancer, competitor from Romania who sings Llamame, a song with (inexplicably) Spanish atmospheres complete with a bullfighting / flamenco look. The trash thermometer soars

9:59 pm – Country atmospheres from Estonia

Atmospheres from the Far West with Hope from Estonian Stefan, a handsome man, presents him Malgioglio: in fact he was elected sexiest man in his country in 2020 … He is also forgiven the song

9:56 pm – Intense voice from North Macedonia

Deep voice for Andrea, singer-songwriter from North Macedonia (transplanted to New York) who sings an intense ballad, Circles, alone on stage without the need for choreography or scenography

21:52 – We dance with Ireland

Electro pop to dance with That’s rich, a song by Irish competitor Brooke inspired by the biography of Debbie Harris from Blondie. Ireland have won Eurovision seven times and Brooke also believes very much, encouraging the audience

9:46 pm – Reggaeton from Cyprus

Like a Botticelli’s Venus, the competitor from Cyprus Andromache has a large white shell behind her and exudes charm. La di lei Ela di lei, a Greek-Arabic piece in two languages ​​with a reggaeton base, is a little less convincing

9:43 pm – The (beautiful) voice of Australia

A beautiful voice and a very theatrical performance for Sheldon Riley, Australian competitor: the face covered by a curtain of sequins anchored to a crown that rises only at the end, a wide white dress, brings a dramatic and dark pop song, Not the same. The public seems to like it

21:35 – Achille Lauro on the mechanical bull

And here is San Marino, greeted by the scream of those present: Achille Lauro with his Stripper, a manifesto of freedom that sounds quite similar to his other songs, comes with a black boa, glittery gloves and semi-transparent onesie that reveals the black briefs . Take the kiss on the mouth with the guitarist, then Lauro rides the mechanical bull in a fiery rodeo, while the chorus reads But what a stupid desire I have, Madonna what a woman I am: a corollary of her (usual) provocations

9:29 pm – From Malta Emma Muscat, the third Italian

Sitting at the piano, dressed in sequins, Emma Muscat attacks her I am what I am before continuing to the top of the piano. The piece is an invitation to accept oneself (with not always perfect intonation), the scenography is tinged with yellow and the audience cheers it. Emma she was renamed the third Italian in the race because she, despite being Maltese, she participated in Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2018 and therefore well known to the television audience

9:25 pm – Circus artists from Georgia

Circus Mircus was born from three circus artists, a Georgian band that offers Lock me in: bizarre costumes (aviator goggles and bowler hat for one, pirate blindfold for another), a song a little out of the genres

21:22 – Azerbaijan and love sickness

Ballatona on love sickness with Azebaijan and Nadir Rustamli: his Fade to Black, sung seated and then stretched out on an empty staircase dampens the energy of the beginning a little, even if the voice is there

9:18 pm – Eclecticism from Serbia

Crazy-eclectic figure of the evening, singer-songwriter Konstrakta from Serbia offers a theatrical performance while singing her In corpore sano: sitting at a basin, nurse-like look and wide-eyed, talks about staying healthy. The text begins by wondering what the secret of Meghan Markle’s hair is. Was there a need to come to Eurovision to teach us how to wash hands? comments Malgioglio …

9:13 pm – The hymn to acceptance from Israel

Michael Ben David, Israeli contestant, sheathed in a white suit, choreographs himself with four dancers with his IM, a positive dance anthem about acceptance, who has arrived, among other things, after his personal difficulties in making coming out with the mother. David singer and actor and won the last X Factor in Israel. Love each other, be proud of who you are, he says before greeting the audience with an I love ya in falsetto

9.10 pm – Do you remember the Finns The Rasmus?

Raincoat and yellow balloon (quoted It?) Before being left bare-chested, The Rasmus singer opens the competition with Jezabel, a rock song that speaks to strong and independent women. The Finnish group is an old acquaintance of the international public: almost 20 years have passed since In the Shadows, a song that consecrated them in 2003, but they are still there

9.00 pm – Semifinal at the start with Alessandro Cattelan

From behind the scenes of Eurovision, Alessandro Cattelan (in English of course) tells the Italian style: the ability to improvise, to open your arms if you don’t know what to say. She takes the stage and starts the evening dancing, in a great choral choreography. Then Laura Pausini and Mika also arrive: fuchsia dress for her, egg yellow suit for him. They congratulate Cattelan, but let’s hope he doesn’t even start singing, otherwise what do we do, says Mika. Laura explains in Eurovision what squeezes her, the emotion of getting on that stage.

8.42pm – Telegatto in Mahmood and Blanco

Mahmood and Blanco have been awarded the new telegatto, recognition of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni which is assigned to personalities from the world of entertainment. Waiting to see them on the Eurovision stage on Saturday representing Italy, the two singers from tomorrow can also be heard in a remixed version: in fact, Broglie remixed by Meduza comes out.

20:05 – The mayor of Turin responds to Malgioglio

Dear Malgioglio, you are right, beautiful Turin, but you could have called me about restaurants, I would have given you some advice with great pleasure. Next time we go there together. A hug and good Eurovision to you too. Thus the mayor of Turin, Stefano Lo Russo, replies with irony to Cristiano Malgioglio who in an interview with Corriere Torino had praised the city complaining about the fact that restaurants close at ten in the evening.

7:37 pm – Gianluca Ginoble from Il Volo positive at Covid

The performance of Il Volo, guests of the second Eurovision semifinal, will experience a mixed formula, two thirds in attendance and one third remotely, due to the positivity at Covid of one of the three singers, Gianluca Ginoble. I’m sorry to see this situation. Yesterday I ran away suddenly – said Ginoble this morning – I left the Eurovision stage and the boys. Not being able to live this great life experience in front of millions of frustrating people, but it will strengthen me. This will be an opportunity to experience augmented reality. Thanks to technology we were able to make a video and send it to the led wall, Ignazio anticipated.

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