Eurovision Song Contest starts with Ukraine on pole. Listen to 5.5 million


Eurovision Song Contest starts with Ukraine on pole.  Listen to 5.5 million
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The Italian Eurovision Song Contest starts well, at least as regards the ratings. There were 5 million 507 thousand, equal to 27% share, the viewers who followed the first semifinal of the Ebu competition on Tuesday 10 May on Rai 1, broadcast live by the Pala Olimpico in Turin. A record, although it is not scientifically relevant to make comparisons with last year’s semifinals, since they were broadcast by Rai 4, a channel with a niche audience. In access prime time, the presentation of Eurovision obtained 4 million 716 thousand spectators on Rai 1, equal to a 23.12% share.

Esc 2022 (Afp) opening act

The Eurovision Song Contest also did good things. Can you imagine a Sanremo that lasts only two hours and at 11 pm everyone goes to sleep? A show in which there are three conductors but they act as conductors because, since it is a singing competition, the songs are mainly at the center of the scene? This is more or less the effect of the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Nothing new for those who follow the event, except for the fact that a festival organized like this, in Italy, is news in itself. When we say the gift of synthesis.

The embrace between Cattelan, Mika and Pausini as conductors (Afp)

What a thrill: at 11 pm everyone went to sleep

There were three prominent conductors (Alessandro Cattelan, Mika and Laura Pausini), all three had to do with the tricolor show biz, but they didn’t go too far, because the format is international, the liturgy establishes it Ebu and there is no room for Italic gigantism. The show is there (with the traditional abundance of kitsch and some clever provocation), the music as well (the music of Esc, strictly for fans of the genre), the guests are not lacking (from the omnipresent Dardust to Diodato who still remembers the victory “Mutilated” of Sanremo 2020 with Make noise) yet… est modus in rebus.

Cattelan and Pausini present Blanco and Mahmood (Lapresse)

Who goes to the final

Music, as we said: Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands will arrive at the final on Saturday, which in televoting have imposed themselves among the top 17 competing nations. On Saturday, in addition to the nations that will qualify with the semifinal on Thursday, they will have the opportunity to face the big five (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), seeded players who do not go through the two preliminary rounds. And finally Blanco and Mahmood will come into play with Chillsvictorious in Sanremo 2022.

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Kalush Orchestra, competing for Ukraine (Reuters)

Ukraine on pole for victory

But what music was heard at Eurovision? The competition began with the tribal kitsch of Albanian Ronela Hajati (Sekret). A vaguely white soul atmosphere (more white than soul) for Latvia, represented by Citi Zēni dressed in pastel colors (Eat your salad), while Lithuania looks towards Mittleuropa in the 1920s with the Louise Brooks helmet by Monika Liu (I felt). Switzerland, on the other hand, is American following an idea of ​​America that is no less retro: that of Marius Bear (Boys do cry). Not bad the Italo Disco revival of the Slovenians Last Pizza Slice (Disko). Nothing that Daft Punk didn’t already do a decade ago, mind you. Audience ovation for the Ukrainians Kalush Orchestra, big favorites of the eve with theirs Stefania. And not for purely musical reasons. If it is not a pole position, we are close to it.

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