EXCLUSIVE MN – Brembilla (all. Lemine): “Adli moves well, Pobega will give a big hand”


Marco Brembillacoach of the Lemine Almennoamateur team that yesterday faced the Milan in friendly a Milanellogave an exclusive interview to the microphones of These are all his statements:

How do you prepare for such a match? How did Lemine Almenno prepare for yesterday’s game, what did he tell the boys about him?

“We start from the fact that we will start the first preparation in late August, then we did a week of training to present ourselves in an acceptable condition, knowing that we would go to play against a very strong team both from the physical point of view and from the point of view. technical tactical view. I said the things that are said in this phase: maximum respect for the opponent, we play our game, and I recommend, even if a player misses it, it is not necessary to make foul interventions or create something wrong. And then something about how I assumed Milan could play, because they usually play 4-2-3-1 as it was yesterday. And then we have prepared something of that type ”.

What impression did Yacine Adli make on you?

“He seemed to me a player with an important technical quality, a player who moves well on the whole front of attack and above all he gave me the impression of being tactically intelligent. This is the first impact, then it is difficult to give complete assessments but the impact I had was this. Then surely Mr. Pioli, as he has shown over the years, will know how to make him an important player “.

In your opinion, is he a trocar player or a midfielder?

“It’s a difficult and particular question because it depends on how Milan want to play. Because if he wanted to play as he did last year with 4-2-3-1, then he could have some difficulties in the two midfielders. It is always said that strong players have no form or system of play, but the characteristics of a footballer must be framed in a way. Seen in this way, he seems to me a player more inclined to the offensive phase ”.

Can Pobega be a Milan player?

“In my opinion, in order to be a permanent and immovable starter in Milan Campione d’Italia, he still has to grow, but in the squad as a player who can give you a big hand then yes”.

What effect did it have on you to enter and play at Milanello?

“For the Covid protocols it is not that we have been able to shoot a lot: we entered, we were accompanied to the changing rooms and then we went on the pitch. The impression I had, even though I had already been there, is that it breathes an important atmosphere. I was impressed by the fields: when we arrived and I started observing them they seemed synthetic to me, but obviously they were budding. Truly spectacular “.

Did you also exchange a few words with the managers?

“I spoke with Massara and Danzè. I went to make the friendly for the Bocconi Master’s course in Football Management, I just finished this course together with Danzè and this idea was born there: he introduced me to Massara and I thanked them for the opportunity that was given to me. date but especially for boys. I explained to my players that having a friendly against Milan is not impossible in my opinion, very difficult but you can do it. I do not deny it is almost impossible to make it with Milan, the Italian champion at Milanello (laughs, ed). So I thanked them. Massara gave me the impression of being a truly polite and calm person. Then we didn’t know we had to play 3 times of 20, we thought we had to play a normal game. So I had to change something to let everyone play, because you know that you have to give everyone space. One thing that has impressed me, my players and my staff is the extreme friendliness on the part of the Milan staff and the players. Especially with my kids, they who are used to seeing them on television: finding them in front of them was a moment of great satisfaction. We obviously thank Milan for giving us this important opportunity “.

Is it true that you brought Davide Astori to Milan’s Primavera?

“We touch a painful and extremely satisfying button for me. I was the first Astori coach. I have very special photos of a 7-a-side tournament in Zogno, in the Brembana Valley. I coached him at San Pellegrino and then I took him to Ponte San Pietro, in those years he was an important AC Milan academy: he spent two years with me there and then moved to Milan and from there he made the Youth sector. I consider myself, apart from the coach who discovered him and trained him, I consider myself lucky to have trained such a guy. He was from San Pellegrino, I am a very good friend of the family and I believe that Davide, in addition to being a player of the highest level, everyone appreciated the man. Behind there is a family with important values. Yesterday before the game I said goodbye to Pioli, we made two jokes and I said to him: “Mister, we have one thing in common, you and I. You coached Astori at Fiorentina, I was his first coach ”. I showed him these photos of this little village a thousand meters away where we used to go to the tournaments “.

And what did Pioli tell you?

“He got excited. The day the crime happened to date is the worst of my life. That day I was training there in Treviglio … After training I enter the locker room and I had 30 calls, 50 messages on the phone … “.

On his past at Milan:

“One thing I can say is that I worked for Milan for 10 years, as an observer for the youth sector under Bianchessi”.

And then of the many young Milan players who played yesterday, who made a good impression on you?

“There is Traore, but then certainly a young player who has shown he can play at a high level: Matteo Gabbia. The others in my opinion should be evaluated. Certainly the Milan that has achieved this great result, especially in the figure of the coach, is attentive to these things. Then young people have to be played in order to prove something. If they don’t play they can never prove they are up to it. It is also true that with big clubs, like AC Milan, the shirt weighs much more than in other clubs. It takes time but above all the courage of the club and the coach ”.

Who do you see as favorite for the next Serie A?

“Now it’s early. We are on July 14th. Juve have taken players to an absolute level, but when you change it’s not that easy. Between Milan, Inter and Juve, perhaps today, on paper, it could be Inter. Inter, Milan, Juve, then the others I think are a step below “.

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