EXCLUSIVE MN – Versavel: “Milan, take De Ketelaere. Lang? Hot head “


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Bruno Versavelformer footballer of Mechelen, Anderlecht, Perugia and the Belgian national team, spoke exclusively to the microphones of Here are the questions and answers:

Hello Bruno, what do you think of the goal of Milan Charles de Ketelaere and what are its strengths?

“For me De Ketelaere is very strong and also a very intelligent person. Ball and foot is devastating, he has an excellent dribbling and often goes into goal alone. But he knows how to score with his teammates too.”

He is a versatile player who can play in midfield, as a high winger and also in attack. But where do you think he performs best?

“Charles gives his best when he is used as a left winger because he is a number eleven. But he also shines in the role of attacking midfielder behind the strikers because he is one who sees the goal well. In tight spaces he makes the difference and he is also gifted of a great left foot even if perhaps his right foot is not very good. But I’m sure that if he goes to Italy after 2-3 months he will improve that too. But the Belgian championship is not Serie A … “

Explain to us.

“Italian football may not be very physical but you have to be smart there because there are so many great players. Here in Belgium the level is low and even the fans are not as passionate as you are. This means that there will be a lot more pressure and he will play. even in big stadiums it is not easy. I do not know if he is ready for the title, in my opinion he needs an adaptation period of 6-7 months. But if Milan take him they will make a bargain. “

Would you recommend that he stay another year in Bruges to gain experience then?

“No, for me he is ready for the big leap but he is not ready to play all the games right away. It takes patience and let him grow slowly.”

Instead of his teammate and other AC Milan goal Noa Lang, what do you think?

“Noa Lang is certainly a good player but unfortunately he is a hothead. He is crazy and he lacks the right mentality for Milan. In his head he thinks he is the best but there is only one of Maradona. He lacks intelligence. football and from what I noticed on television he is very arrogant. And this deficit will perhaps stop him in his growth. It made a bad impression on me and as a person I do not like it at all. I repeat, temperamentally he is too arrogant “.

And on the pitch, what kind of player are you?

“He’s certainly talented but he’s not ready for Milan yet. I think he needs to grow another year or two in Belgium before going to Milan.”

If he were in Maldini’s shoes, would he take Romelu Lukaku?

“I still can’t understand why Lukaku left Inter to return to Chelsea. It was a bad decision because English football is not for him. Romelu was born to play in Italy: he knows how to hold the ball, he knows how to play. on the bank, he sees the goal well and scores a goal. The same goes for Hazard. It was better if Eden had stayed at Chelsea instead of going to Real Madrid where he struggled a lot. In hindsight, it was better if they both stayed in their place. Having said that, Lukaku for Milan would be a coup. He is physically and tactically strong and has the right determination for your football. “

Given your connection with Inter, would you agree to go to Milan?

“I think so. And then for me it would be better if he went to Milan than if he had to stay in London. Milan are a great team and I tell the club to take Romelu to make the leap in quality. I hope to see him wearing the AC Milan shirt. next year”.

Interview by Alessandro Schiavone.

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