EXCLUSIVE TJ – Cristiano Zanetti: “Inter have something more, Dybala will not be conditioned. Juve needs ready-made players. Allegri? With CR7 it would have been different ….”


EXCLUSIVE TJ – Cristiano Zanetti: “Inter have something more, Dybala will not be conditioned. Juve needs ready-made players. Allegri? With CR7 it would have been different ….”
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The editorial staff of contacted by telephone, exclusively, the double ex of the Italian Cup final, Cristiano Zanetti, to talk in depth about Juventus-Inter and beyond:

At the module level, there are rumors of a return to 4-2-3-1. Could it be the right solution to face the Nerazzurri?

“The form matters up to a certain point, it is more important to understand what the interpretation of the match will be. We will have to adapt to the 5-3-2 proposed by Inter, the players will have to be good at closing the spaces and acting between the lines “.

So, in your opinion, will the attitude be different compared to the last games played in the league?

“I hope so, otherwise we risk making a fool of myself. Inter, at the moment, are doing well and playing good football, it’s fun and there are many decisive players. Juve will have to be different from the one in the latest games.”

Who is your favorite?

“These matches are always decided by the episodes, but at the moment Inter have something more.”

Will Dybala be affected by tomorrow’s match? For most of the media, his future will be at Inter.

“He is a Juventus player, a professional, he will not be conditioned. Dybala always makes the difference, but lately the collective has been lacking more than individuality.”

But even the singles are missing, one among all Vlahović who in the last few games has failed to score.

“If the team attitude is not 100%, it is mainly the individual who is affected. Vlahović? His path has not been the best, he is a young boy who has yet to fully settle down. He has everything to do well, he must prove the money invested for him. It can make a difference. “

Was it served right? Do you think it may be affected by a game that has not proved to be properly suited for its characteristics?

“It can be facilitated by the work of a teammate, but the strong player always manages to create the winning opportunity for himself. He too, during the game, can find different solutions to exploit his characteristics. He is an important, strong player. , but it needs further experience. Juve’s investment is for the future and not for the present, it has yet to be built. It is not yet at its peak as Tevez, Higuain and CR7 were. “

Can a ready-made player be Di Maria, can he be the right solution to replace Dybala?

“I don’t think it can be the right solution, there is already Chiesa with the same characteristics. Nobody discusses his mentality and his experience, but I would not go and take duplicates. I would rather focus on the midfield, there we need to intervene.” .

Fans dream of Milinkovic-Savic and Pogba, they would actually be two upgrades for this department.

“I don’t know how much Juve can spend during the next summer market session, but Milinkovic-Savic would be the right purchase for experience and hunger for victories. Pogba, like the Serbian, is a ready player, for me there is players like that are needed to return immediately to compete in Italy and Europe. You can’t always rely on bets. “

The feeling of last May is that Allegri would have won Juve back at the first try. If he also loses the Coppa Italia, what would be your opinion on the season?

“The excuse is Ronaldo’s farewell, because Juve lost a player with 30/40 goals this season in the last market days. It is normal that the coach found himself in a different situation than when he signed the contract. so Allegri’s situation is justifiable. CR7 cannot replace him having a thousand ideas, let alone in 72 hours. In the enormous difficulties in which he found himself, he managed to take the team to the Champions League and to the final of the Italian Cup. managed with experience, without losing the compass, as a true coach. The balance is not negative in the most absolute way “.

And with CR7, instead? Would your judgment have been the same?

“With CR7 and these results, the balance would be totally negative. But a coach does not sign only on the basis of salary, but also for the squad and for the investments that will be made. Surely he is back out of affection and because he is linked to the environment, but also because he was sure he had Ronaldo. Juve, with the goals from the Portuguese, would not have been out of the championship fight so prematurely. They would have had at least 8/9 points more, and the story would have been completely different. ”

Thanks to Cristiano Zanetti for the courtesy and availability shown during this interview.

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