EXCLUSIVE TJ – Giaccherini on Pogba: “Happy with his return, he’s ready for 10th. He wouldn’t even start the championship with Milinkovic-Savic. Di Maria? It still makes a difference”


EXCLUSIVE TJ – Giaccherini on Pogba: “Happy with his return, he’s ready for 10th. He wouldn’t even start the championship with Milinkovic-Savic. Di Maria? It still makes a difference”
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The editorial team of contacted the former Juventus midfielder and current commentator for Dazn by phone exclusively. Emanuele Giaccherinito talk in depth about his former teammate Paul Pogba and more:

The “Pogback” seems to be getting closer, what do you think?

“He is a beautiful person, I would be happy with his return to Juventus. The only question I ask myself is how he will return to Juventus, he is a champion who has already won everything at club and national level. His seasons at Manchester were not sensational, everything will depend on his mentality. Paul will have to run, sacrifice himself, return with the right wickedness. And he will have to have that hunger again, the same as when he was a stranger. “

When he arrived in Turin, he was the young man who wanted to be seen in the eyes of the best. Now, however, he would return as a point of reference in a midfield that has not been the same for many years.

“Yes, I agree. He was already someone from whom he did not run away from responsibilities, today he is more mature and therefore he will face them head on. He has personality to spare, charisma, he is suitable to be the main actor. Paul is no longer a young person, given his age, he must be the one to drag the others “.

And is he ready to be a driver?

“Yes, absolutely. It would be a huge blow for Juventus.”

And would it also be the same for number 10?

“In the most absolute way, he is ready to wear it again. He is not Del Piero or Dybala, but he possesses the personality and charisma necessary for the 10 which is never just any Juventus jersey. It is the one of the greatest”.

Mister Alessio told us about the extra sessions with him, what is your memory with Paul instead?

“It arrived a bit quietly, frightening for its height and physicality. We knew it was a very good prospect, strong and interesting, but we certainly didn’t expect such an explosion. I was struck by the personality and quality of those long levers that he did not allow you to steal the ball. Paul had an impressive ease of kicking, both for long balls and for the broadsides with which he scored splendid goals. “

Midfield two or three with the octopus?

“Both, he can be a point guard or a mid-winger. He covers the pitch well, he has physicality, he can fill any role. Then there is Locatelli, for me they would be the two starting midfielders next year. There is also Miretti who is a handsome young man, let’s see what will happen “.

Juve are still chasing Milinkovic-Savic, he or the aforementioned Pogba would make a great upgrade to this midfield.

“Either one or the other, you certainly aren’t hurting. If they both arrive, the championship won’t even start. It would be a stellar Juve.”

Another dream for the bianconeri is called Angel Di Maria. Would he still make a difference at 34 in a tactical league like ours?

“Of course he is, because he is a champion and has a great desire to get back into the game. He still has two or three years at great levels, Juventus are well aware of who they want to take. Ligue 1 is not Serie A, but we run A lot. He can play a top winger in a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3, he’s the right man for assists. “

Pogba, Di Maria, and then do you need other ready-made players?

“Yes, even if another purchase will be the return of Chiesa. He and Di Maria would be two excellent wielders for Juve who want to go back to winning immediately. For me, a central is needed, the blanket is a bit short afterwards. Chiellini’s farewell. Bremer or Koulibaly? These are names from a top club like the Juventus one. The club was not a protagonist this season, if you want to get back to the top you need important names like these “.

Once the team has been reinforced with these big names, could Juve get closer to the game of the opponents who preceded them in the standings?

“I think the approach that Allegri will give to the team will be important, because the mentality and the approach to the matches are more important than the player. PSG has great champions like Messi, Neymar and Mbappe, yet in the Champions League they didn’t go beyond the second round. The champion makes everything easier, but in football the name does not always win. This is why the great job will be up to Allegri. Even if he is very practical, he is interested in winning and no matter what result. game, but sometimes the victory didn’t come. In the second round, to hit the goal, he didn’t play like Milan, but he did. He put the defense in place, then he always found the goal. “

We thank Emanuele Giaccherini for the courtesy and availability shown during this interview.

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