Exoprimal: We tried Capcom’s adrenaline-pumping shooter


Exoprimal: We tried Capcom’s adrenaline-pumping shooter
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We tried Exoprimal, Capcom’s crazy shooter, built around a curious mixed formula between co-op and competitive: here are our first impressions.

Capcom has become a beacon of hope in the gaming landscape. The Japanese house was reborn a few years ago, starting to ring one success after another and becoming a guarantee of quality, having returned to levels not seen since its golden age. However, there is one exception to the rule when it comes to this streak: multiplayer-only titles. If, in fact, on the one hand the software house has one of the most popular series on its side when it comes to cooperative gameplay (we are talking about Monster Hunter, of course), on the other hand it has never really managed to hit the mark when it tried to churn out products. completely online oriented.

At first glance, it could be simply a vocation problem: understandable that such a skilled team when it comes to creating high-level singleplayer games is not as well versed in creating live services and the like. But if you look at the company’s most recent “attempts”, you realize that many are little more than experiments, probably supported by limited resources and teams, and often forcibly glued to other more popular products to get an initial nudge.

Paying special attention to Exoprimal therefore makes sense, since it is clearly Capcom’s first attempt to shape an online game with the necessary support behind it (and more relaxed development timelines, considering that it has been in the works for a while. ).

We have therefore tried Exoprimal during a frenetic night session open to the European press, and today we are here to tell you whether or not it is appropriate to expect the traditional care of this team also applied to an atypical multiplayer structure.

It’s raining velociraptor

Exoprimal: the Zephyr causes disasters among the dinosaurs, but don’t let yourself be surrounded or it will take little to go to the creator

There is no need to get lost in turns of words … the answer is “yes”, Exoprimal turned out to be a more entertaining and refined title than the chaotic presentation trailer suggests, complete with a “ball of narrative” to unravel at the base . There historyHowever, and even predictably, that’s certainly not the aspect the developers have focused on most, as it appears to be a jumble of sci-fi clichés meant only to justify battles against hordes of mutant dinosaurs. In other words, you are a pilot of Exosuit, very powerful exoskeletons used to protect the population from real rains of huge hungry reptiles of unknown origin. As soon as you are assigned to your team, you find yourself dealing with Leviathan, a sadistic artificial intelligence that endlessly repeats combat simulations to test the effectiveness of the “mechanical suits” described above.

The plot, in theory, develops from game to game – while apparently not going to affect the experience too much – and it is clear that Capcom has at least tried to make sense of it all; its contour nature, however, is noticeable since the beta and we seriously doubt that it will be memorable now of the end. After all this is a video game where they tear dinosaurs to pieces relentlessly: it is not the case to dwell with who knows what critical spirit on the narrative.

Exoprimal: When we said that the hordes are numerous, we weren't kidding
Exoprimal: When we said that the hordes are numerous, we weren’t kidding

The peculiarity of Exoprimal, however, is not even the cold-blooded nature of your opponents, but its particular structure. The game, in fact, is to all intents and purposes a Third person cooperative horde shooter, complete with specific classes and division into roles (the classic trinity tank, support, DPS); however, the objectives of each mission are completed simultaneously with another team of five players in order to gain early access to a “final mission”, where everything turns into a frantic PVP clash. The gimmick adds a certain tension and general haste to the shootings, because one must not only think about survival, but optimize roles and resources to eliminate threats as quickly as possible.

It is undoubtedly a tantalizing idea, capable of keeping us glued to the screen during games, but it only works halfway. In fact, while everything flows quite naturally during the hordes, whose difficulty seems anything but problematic, clashing with other players is sometimes clumsy due to the extension of the maps, the need to recover resources during the mission and the tendency of the “random” team to abandon any strategy to aim for pure offensive (a tendency that is rewarded during the co-op phases and highly inadvisable in competitive). For heaven’s sake, this is just the beginning and we wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom decided to set things up differently at launch or to favor the specific use of certain roles in the final stages of missions (at least to avoid teams without curators, considering that it is a sure suicide and we have seen some), but perhaps the management of the modes lacks the intuitiveness necessary to naturally push the players towards certain behaviors.

A thousand ways to cook a T-Rex

Exoprimal: a tank is essential to keep the reptile masses at bay, at least for a while
Exoprimal: a tank is essential to keep the reptile masses at bay, at least for a while

There frenzy action doesn’t help, as you are suddenly thrown into the aforementioned race against time, with a drone to follow and a series of objectives to complete (mostly masses of dinosaurs to be extinguished, but vary randomly from game to game ). For an average player, if nothing else, it is not difficult to understand how to move, and the experience is nothing short of hilarious because of the excellent gameplay that supports it.

While shooters aren’t Capcom’s bread, Exoprimal boasts mechanical solid and well-calculated, probably because the team took an approach closer to action than to classic third-person shooters. The Exosuit they are in fact extremely varied and equipped with a good number of skills, from a timed laser cannon practically supplied to anyone (replaceable with other tools), to special moves dedicated to the role covered. The Zephyr, for example, is a melee attacker with blade combos, devastating shoulders, multiple sprints and the ability to throw enemies (dinosaurs or humans) into the air with a kick for spectacular aerial combinations; the Witch Doctor is a fundamental area healer in PVP with electric attacks, a glide and the ability to leap here and there; even the tank base we tested and the classic assault suit armed with automatic rifle boast a discreet uniqueness, not to mention that each class can use powerful final skills capable of reversing the game or gaining temporary control of a devastating T- Rex to tear apart enemies.

Exoprimal: the variety of suits is remarkable, even if the general difficulty still needs to be adjusted properly
Exoprimal: the variety of suits is remarkable, even if the general difficulty still needs to be adjusted properly

Of course, considering the number of dinosaurs on the screen and the presence of boss very mobile with armored attacks, shootings happen to devolve into chaos, yet in general we were able to follow the on-screen action worthily and even PVP enjoyed it, despite the structural hiccups we’ve already covered. The Exosuits we tested were only a fraction of those available in the final game, and we are really curious to understand what variations they will offer, since the basic suits have already exalted us a lot.

Even from a technical point of view the game defends itself quite well and we found it well optimized on PC. Only one problem, which must be solved at any cost: the server stability she seemed to us nothing short of a dancer. While we didn’t have any problems during the first two games, the third fight we faced clearly had some team members with serious connection problems. The latency was such as to make everything unplayable to say the least, especially if we consider that in that specific mission the last scene was not competitive, but a cooperative challenge against a special boss (sometimes it happens, but it is not clear which ones factors trigger this unique mode), which due to the dancer network teleported here and there and was impossible to dodge. We sincerely hope for a more stable network infrastructure (or with more selection in the matchmaking phase) once the game is out.

Exoprimal turned out to be more polished and fun than we expected, thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and chaotic battles that represent its core. Its mixed structure, however, presents some ingenuity, as well as lacking the intuitiveness necessary to make the PVP part enjoyable as it should. There is still time to solve the problems, however, and with an increase in variety in the suits and some structural reworking we could have an online shooter on our hands that far exceeds expectations. We will see.


  • Fast-paced and polished gameplay
  • Spectacular action and great Exosuit variety


  • Server stability to be evaluated
  • Some structural naivety and a general lack of intuitiveness create problems in the PVP phases

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