Expensive bills and free market: what to do to save on electricity and gas

Expensive bills and free market: what to do to save on electricity and gas
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“Advertising is the soul of commerce”. The historic quote from Henry Ford, the founder of the US car manufacturer of the same name at the beginning of the twentieth century, still one of the most important in the world today, is always up-to-date, even in its most negative meaning. The commercials are not always truthful, indeed, very often they hide misleading messages towards customers. Communications regarding electricity supply contracts and the gas. Faced with the considerable increases in the prices of raw materials in the last year (+ 83% for electricity and + 71% for gas), no user is more advantaged than another, despite the fact that there are agreements signed with the tariff in the free market blocked.

Unilateral amendments to contracts

Even those who feel in an iron barrel having signed a fixed price payment for electricity and gas are likely to suddenly see the cost of the bill. This is possible because this type of contract provides for the possibility of unilateral modification by the supplier. Put simply, the customer can suffer a major increase in the price of the bill all at once without being able to object. This is what is happening more and more often: the companies that guaranteed controlled costs they retraced their steps by inflicting real bloodletting on users.

The future remains the free market

Even if the discontent of the customers is evident, for the near future the road is marked. The free market it will become mandatory for everyone starting from January 1, 2024, even if already over 50% of people have decided to leave the market for greater protection. The blocked price attracted users, who, however, underestimated the presence of some footnotes, the most important of which gives the companies providing the services the opportunity to unilaterally modify the contractual conditions. In any case, the customer must be informed in writing, well in advance, of the changes that will be made, in order to allow the subscriber to withdraw from the contract at no cost. ‚ÄúSince January – he told the newspaper The day Marco Vignola, Energy Manager of the National Consumers Union – there has been a boom in contractual changes. Unfortunately, unlike what they want to tell us in the commercials, that with blocked prices we can rest assured without worries for a year or two, a real bargain for those who had signed contracts before June 2021, the Code of commercial conduct instead provides the possibility for the seller to change the cards on the table “.

What is the procedure for changing contract rates

The company that wants to increase the prices of electricity and gas bills, by unilaterally modifying the contract, is obliged to send the communication to the customer three months in advance, integrating it with the estimated annual expenditure for the following twelve months. If, on the other hand, it is an automatic evolution foreseen by the contract, the notice must be given two months in advance. For his part, the user has only one way to defend himself from the indiscriminate increases of suppliers: withdraw from the contract and find a company on the market that offers better rates.

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