Facebook, beware of the scam: do not open this message


In recent years, there has been a scam running on Facebook that is endangering sensitive data and user accounts. Here is the message you must never open on the social network.

Phishing schemes designed to gain access to users’ social accounts have not only increased, they have become more sophisticated. It’s more important than ever to protect your personal information and know what to do if your profile has been hacked. First of all it is essential to prevent and for this you need to know what the dangerous message is.

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The scammers who surf on Facebook in search of some unprepared and unprepared victim are becoming more and more numerous and sophisticated. Often they purposely create gods messages which are true, as well as very similar to the various notifications that are received daily on the social network.

Not everyone knows that clicking on these messages endangers our privacy. Such messages urge the victim user to act immediately, then clicking on it. This allows the scammer to gain access to your personal information, which could lead to them having full access to your profile. Let’s see in detail what it consists of.

Message on Facebook, it’s a scam: be careful

It is not the first time that we talk about the danger of receiving and clicking on the messages we receive on the social network. Just recently we talked about the massage on Messenger carrying virus. But this time the danger is for the sensitive data of users who are subscribed to the well-known network, where a message could put the profile at risk.

It is a phishing which had already been known for some years, but which has recently been updated and has become more sophisticated and therefore more dangerous. This version of the new scam consists of a message that is sent by one of our contacts on the social network, who is unaware of what is happening.

The message reads the sentence: “Is that you?”that is to say “Is it really you?”. A way to induce the user to become curious and understand what is happening and for that it prompts him to open it. Once opened, the user is directed to a site where sensitive data ends up. And this is precisely why you have to be careful not to click on it.

How to make Facebook more secure?

To strengthen your security in the future and protect your sensitive data, you can take actions that leave you more calm. First you can sign up for access alerts not recognized by going into your settings. This allows you to monitor if there is a suspicious login.

It is also recommended to use a password generator automatic to create unique and secure passwords for all your accounts. You can also select friends who can contact you and then put them as “Trusted Contacts” on your Facebook account.

Should anything happen with your profile, they will be able to help you recover your account. Above all, it is good to activate thetwo-factor authentication both on Facebook and Instagram to increase the security of your account. It is good to know that there is a way to log in to Facebook without a passwordalso to understand what is happening.

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